Fall themed Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler
Fall themed Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

Fall themed Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

With October coming on quickly we wanted to bring you a fall themed breast cancer awareness tumbler tutorial. Denise of Glitz and Glitter Creations is teaching us how to make this fabulous tumbler with a great cause!

This fall themed breast cancer awareness tumbler is one way that we resin artists can help raise consciousness about breast cancer. “In October we wear pink” is definitely a true story. During the month of October, much of the country comes together to support those who have been affected by breast cancer.

And most of us have either been directly or indirectly touched by it. Instead of being a time of sadness though, it is a month of strength and empowerment! Denise’s beautiful tumbler is a great way to spread awareness and empowerment. We are so glad that she is sharing it with all of us!

Fall themed Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

Denise uses the Powerwash method on her tumbler and the results are beautiful! If you haven’t tried it before it is a lot of fun. All you do is spray the Powerwash onto the parts of your cup where you want the glitter to come through paint. Then spray paint your cup and quickly wash away the area where you sprayed the soap. It is sort of like a peek-a-boo method and we love those!

Design Variations

You can follow Denise’s design for this tumbler or you can tweak it a bit to fit your own taste. We have lots of fabulous pink glitters and mica powders to choose from! You could do different combinations of pinks to achieve different effects. 

Denise used a fabulous waterslide for her cup. You could use the same one, find a different one you like, or go another route all together. The waterslide gives the tumbler a nice smooth image. But you could go with a vinyl decal too if you prefer. There are so many amazing waterslides and decal designs to choose from! 

If you really want to make this cup but are worried about trying the Powerwash method for the first time, we get it. If you are used to using a traditional peek-a-boo method you could achieve a similar look with that. Interested in learning about that method? Check out our post How to Make a Halloween Peek-a-boo Tumbler. It is a lot of fun!

Fall Themed Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

Learn how to make a beautiful breast cancer awareness tumbler with a fall pumpkin theme!
Yield: 1 tumbler



  • Start by sanding, washing, and prepping your tumbler with a base coat of the white matte spray paint.
  • Then use your preferred method to apply 2 coats of the Magma glitter.
  • Next give the tumbler three coats of the clear coat spray.
  • Once the tumbler is dry, apply layers of epoxy (using either Fast Set or Artist Resin) until the tumbler is smooth.
  • Then use the Powerwash and white matte spray paint to do the Powerwash method. Allow the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Apply your waterslide right to the paint layer. Then seal it with Quick Coat.
  • Finally, apply your last layer of Artist Resin and allow the cup to cure completely.

The Wrap Up!

Denise’s tumbler turned out so beautifully! It is a fabulous way to celebrate all things October. This cup will make a great addition to your product line while also supporting strong and resilient women. If you love this cup and want to see more of Denise’s amazing work you can find Glitz and Glitter Creations on Facebook and Instagram!


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