Making a Glittery Mouse Pad
Making a Glittery Mouse Pad
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Making a Glittery Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is an essential tool on your desk. A good mouse pad can help you make your computer tasks easier and faster. But it doesn’t have to look boring. Most of the mouse pads I’ve seen are made with dull art designs. Don’t you wish your mouse pad can be more exciting?

It only takes a small amount of time to make your own glittery mouse pad. By using Counter Culture DIY Glitter, you can create a sparkling mouse pad that your co-workers will surely envy.

Here are the supplies that you need: 

–    Mousepad

–    Card stock ( 80 lb or thicker)

–    Painter’s tape

–    Mod Podge

–    Brush

–    Counter Culture DIY Glitter

–    Paint

It is very important that you choose a quality card stock to hold the glitter and glue. Buy a card stock with 80-pound weight or above because anything lesser than this will crumple once you apply the Mod Podge. Get a mouse pad and trace the outline onto the card stock. Cut out the shape.

Painting the paper before applying Mod Podge is an optional step. The reason why you might consider applying the paint first is that if some spots are not covered with glitter, it will not be noticeable. After painting, let it dry completely. 

Put a liberal amount of Mod Podge on one side of the paper. Smooth it out it using a brush or a stick. Now it’s time to start decorating. Use your imagination to create beautiful patterns. Use a painter’s tape to guide you where to apply each color of glitter.

Depending on how many colors you like, mix Mod Podge and Counter Culture DIY Glitter. This product is awesome for any project. You can make a bold statement using more glitter.

Apply the glitter/glue combo to the paper. Use the tape pattern to guide you where you want to paint first. You can paint as many colors as you like, but mine is gold and black to highlight the contrast. 


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