How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler
How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

October is here and we are wearing pink! As a way of spreading awareness and showing support, we asked Courtney of Add a Bit of Bling Custom Designs to show us how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler. She delivered with a tumbler that exudes strength and determination! 

Breast cancer is something that effects women and their families every day of the year. Not just in October. But this is the month that we come together to raise awareness and offer love and support to the women who have, and continue, to battle. Courtney is showing us how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler that we can proudly sip from while showing our support. 

It is no secret that women are strong and resilient. And, when faced with challenges, we refuse to back down. Courtney’s tumbler design says all of that but says it with glitter! For this tumbler you will need to pull out your CCDIY glitters, vinyl cutter and a waterslide. The results are an adorable peek a boo tumbler with some serious punch!  

how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler

How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler

Sadly, most of us have been effected by breast cancer in one way or another. One of the things that we love most about October, however, is that it gives us some unique opportunities.  It is a chance to remember, reflect, and respect. And the chance to take back some of the power that cancer or grief has stolen from us. It reminds us to rally and to celebrate the triumphs. And, above all, is an opportunity to use our love and support to lift each other up. 

All of that is a lot to put on one little tumbler. But Courtney did a fabulous job of coming up with a design that raises awareness while also shouting strength and encouragement! If you are loving the idea of a breast cancer awareness tumbler and want to learn to make others, check out our Fall Themed Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler tutorial.

Design Variations

how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler

In the recipe below you will find a list of all the items that Courtney used to make her tumbler. She has also given us the step by step instructions. As with all resin projects, though, you can either follow right along or veer off in your own direction! 

We have a fabulous collection of pink glitters so you could easily change the color pallet a bit. Or go with a different waterslide for another take on the theme. You can also switch out the spray paint color or the peek a boo design. The ways that you can make this tumbler uniquely yours are almost endless!

There is one step that Courtney advises we all take. She said that the metallics don’t always like to play nicely. To handle head of their misbehavior she always adds a layer of Quick Coat before applying her final layer of Artist Resin. The Quick Coat will seal in any glitter, vinyl, or waterslide that may try to step out of line! Curious about the magic of Quick Coat? Read our post How to use CCDIY Quick Coat to learn about its many uses!

How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

Making a breast cancer awareness tumbler with some fight in it!
Yield: 1 tumbler


  • Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • White Prime Time
  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin
  • Counter Culture DIY Fast Set
  • Counter Culture DIY Quick Coat
  • Hot Pink Glitter
  • Kintsugi Glitter
  • Protective gloves
  • Filter mask
  • Silicone mat
  • Mixing cups
  • Mixing sticks
  • Tape
  • Vinyl decal with awareness ribbons to be used for the peek a boo
  • Waterslide "Cancer picked the wrong girl"
  • Vinyl tape
  • Navy blue spray paint


  • Start by prepping your tumbler and then give it a base coat of White Prime Time.
  • Next, tape off your tumbler to make a traditional 3 way split. Then use your preferred method to apply your glitters to the cup.
  • Then use the Quick Coat to seal your glitters.
  • Next, mix a batch of Fast Set and apply it evenly to the tumbler and allow it to cure.
  • Then apply your ribbon pattern to the cup and use the navy blue spray paint to make the ribbons peak a boo.
  • Add another layer of Fast Set and then apply your waterslide decal. Add your vinyl tape along the lines where your glitters meet.
  • After this step, add the desired amount of layers of Fast Set to get your cup smooth.
  • Before adding your final layer of Artist Resin, do one last layer of Quick Coat to make sure all of your metallics will stay put.

How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

The tumblers that our artists make are some of our favorite resin projects. The creativity and skill that go into them never seize to amaze. We especially apricate cups with a cause. This tumbler is beautiful, supportive, and exudes determination. We love it for all of those reasons and hope you do too!

If you love this tumbler and want to see more of ;Courtney’s work you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find her hanging out with us in the Counter Culture DIY Artist Support page on Facebook. A big thank you to Courtney for sharing her fabulous design with us!


how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler

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