How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler with a Pencil Handle
How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler with a Pencil Handle
how to make a composition notebook tumbler, pencil handle, teacher tumbler

How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler with a Pencil Handle

We have another fun school themed resin tutorial for you today! Jazmin of Riverflow Craft Co is showing us how to make a composition notebook tumbler with a pencil handle. It is a super cute tumbler that is perfect for any teacher or school lover in your life!

Intro Back to school time means back to school supplies, new teachers, and teacher gifts for those much deserving teachers. In the video below, Jazmin shows us how to make a composition notebook tumbler with a pencil handle. It makes the perfect teacher gift! And, if you sell your handmade items, a great addition to your product lineup. 

Jazmin uses beautiful glitters, Quick Coat, and Artist Resin to make her adorable tumbler. And she shows us step by step how it’s done. So grab your a mug full of your favorite sips. Along with a stainless mug for this project and let’s get started!

How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler

How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler with a Pencil Handle

Blurb This teacher tumbler is a fun one to do.  We get to work with chunky glitter and lots of fun colors. Jazmin explains that you don’t have to use the exact glitters that she does. If you have colors that are similar, by all means use them!

But if you need to snag any of the glitter colors for this project, we have linked to the colors you need in the recipe below. It’s always fun to buy new glitters, am I right?!

How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler

For the composition glitter you have a couple of different options. There are composition glitters that are already mixed that you can purchase. These are typically matte glitters, aka man glitters. If you want to spice up your teacher tumbler, you can use a mix of holographic and matte glitters. Jazmin made her own composition notebook glitter and the results are fabulous!

She used a mix of Hyperspace and Anchors Aweigh to make her blend. She crushed up the Anchors Aweigh a bit to make it more fine. Then she mixed the two together in a cup and sprinkled it right on to her project. Whether you purchase a pre mixed glitter or make your own, the process will still be the same.

How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler

Colorant Options

Just like with the glitter, you can use anything you have on hand in the right shades as your base coat. Jazmin uses face paint mixed with White Prime Time as her base coat. You can also use Dispersion Colors, Rick’s Mix, or Pop of Color Shock Paints for your base.

We LOVE using Pop of Color Paints for our bases so we listed the colors you need in the recipe. But grab whatever you have on your shelves that will work and go with that.

Using Chunky Glitter

The glitter that goes on the pencil handle of this tumbler is all fine glitter. So there isn’t anything special that you need to do when applying it. But chunky glitters are a little different. Because of their large size, you tend to get pieces that poke up and need to be taken care of.

How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler

The best way to minimize this effect is to use wax paper when you apply the glitter. To do this, sprinkle the glitter on like normal. Then go back with a piece of wax paper and press the chunky glitter down into place. This will reduce the amount of glitter that sticks up.

Using the wax paper helps but you will still have pieces poking up. To take care of them, use sandpaper to smooth them out between resin layers. Sand and add a layer of resin as many times as you need to to get your cup smooth. Chunky glitters take a little more work but they are almost always worth it!

How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!


How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler with a Pencil Handle

Learn how to make an adorable school themed tumbler with a pencil handle!
Yield: 1 tumbler


  • Start by lightly sanding your mug and then clean it to remove any debris.
  • Then tape off your handle. Then give the mug 2 coats of Black Prime Time. Remove your tape and let the mug dry. You can use your heat gun to speed this process up.
  • Next, start painting your handle. Start at the top of the handle and paint a small strip pink. This will be your eraser. At the other end of the handle, paint a small strip back. This will be your pencil tip.
  • Now go in under the pink and add a small strip of black paint. This will be for your silver glitter.
  • Go in underneath the pencil tip and add a small strip of gold for the pencil shaved part that goes under the lead tip of the pencil.
  • Then paint the rest of the handle yellow. Let all of your paints dry and then move on to your glitter.
  • Use a small paint brush to apply your UV Resin to the black part of the pencil. Then sprinkle on the black glitter. Tap off the excess and then place it under the UV Lamp to cure for 2-3 minutes.
  • Repeat the same process with the rest of your colors until your handle is glittered. Add second coats of glitter if you need to.
  • Next, smoosh up some of the Anchors Aweigh Glitter into smaller pieces. Then mix it with the Hyperspace Glitter to get your composition book glitter.
  • Apply a coat of the Black Prime Time to the mug and then sprinkle the composition book glitter right onto it before it dries. Once the mug is covered with glitter, use a piece of wax paper to push down any glitter that is poking up.
  • Once the glitter layer is dry, give the whole mug a layer of Quick Coat to seal in your glitters. When the Quick Coat is dry, sand the cup to smooth out any glitter that is popping up.
  • Then add a layer of combined Artist Resin and allow that to cure. Sand the cup again if there is still glitter popping up and apply a second layer of Artist resin. Allow it to cure and check to see if it needs to be sanded again.
  • Next, apply your composition notebook sticker to your mug.
  • Then put a silver vinyl strip on both the top and bottom of your silver section. Do the same thing with the gold strips and the gold section.
  • Next, apply a layer of Quick Coat to your sticker and vinyl strips. Once that is dry, apply another layer of combined Artist Resin and allow it to cure. If it needs one more layer of epoxy, add that then allow it to fully cure before gifting or shipping.

The Finishing Touches

That’s how you make a composition notebook tumbler with a pencil handle. And there is no reason to stop with tumblers! You can make a whole matching set of desk supplies. Pencil holders, erasers, staplers, and pens can all be glittered and resined using this method. What a great way to dress up your child’s teacher’s desk. Or your own!

A big thanks to Jazmin for sharing this adorable project with us. If you enjoyed learning from her, you can find her on all the socials @riverflowcraftco and her website. You can see all of her online happenings and discount codes here!

How to Make a Composition Notebook Tumbler

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