How to Make a Fall Inspired Glitter Tumbler
How to Make a Fall Inspired Glitter Tumbler

How to Make a Fall Inspired Glitter Tumbler

It’s that time of year when those of us in the creative biz start to shift our focus to fall projects. Today we are bringing you a fabulous fall tumbler tutorial to help you start the season right. Megan Johnson of Honey Creek Creations is teaching us how to make a fall inspired glitter tumbler. This cup is gorgeous and we think you’re going to love it!

While the rest of the world is still in full on summer mode, creatives are already planning for fall. It’s not that we don’t love summer as much as everyone else. It’s just that we always need to be one season ahead. That way, when our customers start shopping for the next season, we already have a good stock of products for them to choose from!

If you are looking for a new fall tumbler to add to your line up you can learn how to make a fall inspired glitter tumbler that will rock your business page! It has all those beautiful fall colors that we love and an adorable decal too. Striped tumblers remain very popular and this is a gorgeous one!

How to Make a Fall Inspired Glitter Tumbler

Y’all, this gorgeous tumbler is giving off alll of the fall vibes! It makes us want to pull out the big comfy sweaters and brew up something warm to drink. Throw in the beautiful and calming colors of fall and it’s nothing short of bliss over here. Even if you’re still sporting your flip-flops it’s easy to get into the mood of crafting for fall when you are making this tumbler! 

Design Variations 

The colors that Megan chose for her tumbler are absolutely stunning and we love them! She has provided us with the shades she used so you’ll be able to use them if you love them too. But, you can also try any other color combos that you want! There are so many fabulous glitters that you can choose from. And, you can mix and match them in so many different ways. 

There is also room for extra creativity when it comes to your decals. You can opt to just use the gold vinyl tape with no decal if you would rather. Or, you can design your own adorable fall design. If you’re not really into designing decals, no worries! You can find the decal that Megan used for this tumbler in her Etsy shop! You can also find lots of other artists who are willing to sell their designs. Some even specialize in decal design and will help you come up with the perfect one. A quick search on Etsy or scroll through our Counter Culture DIY Artist Support page on Facebook will help you in the right direction!

Tips and Tricks

Despite all the fabulous colors in this tumbler, it really isn’t hard to do. The biggest thing is to be ready to work with some tape. You will be working with three sections at time for several of the steps. You can work your sections in any order that you like but we suggest doing alternating sections in a batch. So, start by leaving to top section open, tape off the next section, leave the following section open, etc. That way you will be less likely to have paint or glitter traveling into areas that you don’t want it. Sealing your glitters with Quick Coat will also help to keep them in place as you move between steps. Gotta love that Quick Coat!

How to Make a Fall Inspired Glitter Tumbler

Using fabulous glitter to make a striped fall tumbler with a decal
Yield: 1 tumbler


  • Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • Protective gloves
  • Filter mask
  • Painter's tape
  • White Prime Time
  • Pencil
  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin
  • Counter Culture DIY Quick Coat
  • Counter Culture DIY Fast Set
  • Mixing cups
  • Large Silicone Mixing Sticks
  • Rustoleum Spray Paint in 6 fall colors Megan used Bright Coat Gold, Bright Coat Copper, Rustic Orange Claret, Wine, Cranberry, Aubergine
  • Glitter to match your paint colors
  • Gold chrome vinyl stripes
  • Fall decal optional
  • Glitter Spoon optional


  • Start by prepping your tumbler like you normally do and then giving it a base coat of White Prime Time. Allow it to dry completely before moving on.
  • Next, measure and mark 6 even lines on your tumbler with a pencil. You will be working with 3 alternating sections at a time so start by using the painter's tape to cover three of the sections, leaving one section open between each. Then choose your first three paint colors and spray one color to cover each open section. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  • Now remove the tape from your tumbler and then cover your 3 already painted areas with tape and use your remaining 3 colors to paint your last 3 sections. Allow the paint to dry again.
  • Next mix up a batch of Fast Set. Quickly apply the combined resin to the cup and then add the glitter that matches that section. Repeat with the other 2 exposed sections and then remove the tape and let the cup spin for 2 hours.
  • Use Quick Coat to seal in your glitters and then allow it to dry completely.
  • Next, tape off the glittered sections, mix a batch of Fast Set then apply it to the blank sections and apply the matching glitter. Remove the tape and allow the Fast Set to cure for 2 hours.
  • Again, seal your newly laid glitters with Quick Coat and allow it to fully dry.
  • Next, mix another batch of Fast Set and apply it to the whole tumbler then allow it to cure. Repeat as necessary to get a smooth cup.
  • Now apply gold chrome vinyl stripes at the line between each section then seal them with Quick Coat. Allow to dry.
  • Apply another layer of Fast Set and allow it to cure. Then add your decal if you are using one, seal it with Quick Coat, and allow it to dry.
  • For your final layer(s) of epoxy, combine a batch of Artist Resin and apply it to the whole cup. Allow it to cure before deciding if you need one last layer of the Artist Resin to make the cup completely smooth.

The Wrap Up…

We hope this fall tumbler tutorial has given you some inspiration for you autumn designs! We can’t wait to see what else you come up with for this year so be sure to tag us on Instagram and post your creations in the Counter Culture DIY Artist Support page! If you love this tumbler you can also check out Megan’s other work on Facebook, Instagram, and her Etsy shop

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