How to Make a Gold Leaf Brush Stroke Tumbler
How to Make a Gold Leaf Brush Stroke Tumbler
how to make a gold leaf brush stroke tumbler

How to Make a Gold Leaf Brush Stroke Tumbler

Another tumbler tutorial is coming in hot! Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove is is back and showing us how to make a gold leaf brush stroke tumbler. The beautiful colors and shimmery gold flakes produce a fabulous tumbler!

Meg shows us how to make a gold leaf brush stroke tumbler using Dispersion Colors and Precious Metals gold flakes. We get the chance to pull out our paint brushes and use some basic painting techniques. For some of that is a first while others get to show off their skills. 

If you are new to hand painting tumblers, no worries! Meg is a great teacher and shows us exactly how it’s done. In the video below Meg takes us step by step through how to paint this brush stroke tumbler. So even if this is a new technique for you, you’ll be able to pull it off with style!

How to Make a Gold Leaf Brush Stroke Tumbler

How to Make a Gold Leaf Brush Stroke Tumbler

So let’s start by talking paint brushes. It is no surprise that the paint brush you use has a lot to do with the results of your brush stroke tumbler. If you like a wide stroke, use a larger brush width. If you like a smaller stroke use a smaller brush. You can also use a fan brush to add that pretty feathering at the end of the brush strokes. 

The way Meg did her tumbler, she was able to use each of her colors twice as she went around the tumbler. As she added her second layers of paint, Meg also used her brush to also blend her colors together. The brush you choose will come down to preference. What brush you feel most comfortable with and which one will give you the width you want.

how to make a gold leaf brush stroke tumbler

Design Variations

Meg used most of the beautiful blues in our Dispersion Color collection. Those cool shades make for So a beautiful color combination. Especially with those shimmery gold leaf flakes! You could go with the blues like Meg did or you could try a different portion of the color wheel.

Or you can totally shake it up and choose a whole different blend of shades. Once you have the brush stroke technique down, any colors you choose are sure to make for a beautiful tumbler!

You can also take this tumbler to the next level by adding a waterslide or vinyl decal to your hand painted tumbler. Meg added a pretty Gypsy Soul image to her tumbler and it turned out beautifully! She also suggested adding a bit of glitter to your first layer of epoxy to add some extra sparkle. 

gold leaf brush stroke tumbler

Watch the video tutorial here!


How to Make a Gold Leaf Brush Stroke Tumbler

Learn how to make a beautiful brush stroke tumbler with gold leaf accents!
Yield: 1 tumbler


  • Start by cleaning and prepping your tumbler. Add a base coat of White Prime Time and allow it to dry.
  • Next, squirt a little bit of each Dispersion Color onto a paper plate or other paint container.
  • Using a small flat paint brush, start with your Cobalt and lightly make a brush stroke from the bottom of the tumbler up. You want the end of the stroke to be feathery. Rinse and dry your brush.
  • Right next to that stroke use the Sky Blue to repeat the same process. Repeat with the Aquamarine, Belize, Blue Thunder, and Tsunami. Repeat the same order until you've completed the circle around your cup. You should be able to use each color twice.
  • Then go back over each color and touch it up. Add more coverage and get those strokes the way you want them. Blend your strokes as you go.
  • Before the Dispersion Colors dry, use a gloved finger to press the gold leaf onto some damp areas. Then rub your finger over the areas to push the foil in place and brush off the excess.
    If you want gold where the color has already dried, just add a little Quick Coat to the spot and then add your foil.
  • Once your colors are dry apply an even coat of Quick Coat to the whole cup. This will seal your paint and foil and also make the epoxy adhere properly.
  • When your Quick Coat is dry, combine equal amounts of Parts A and B of your Artist Resin according to the package instructions. You can add some glitter to the epoxy if you want some added sparkle. Then apply an even coat to the whole tumbler and allow it to cure. You can add additional layers of resin if you think your cup needs it.

The Finishing Touches

We are loving this gold leaf brush stroke tumbler! With or without a decal, you can really see that beautiful blend of colors come through. This design is a great way to show off your painting skills or to learn a new tumbler technique. And if you sell your tumblers, it will make a great addition to your shop!

If you loved learning from Meg and want to see more of her creations and tutorials you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, and you can check out her Facebook group, Curious Crafters. We hope you love her coasters as much as we do!

How to Make a Gold Leaf Brush Stroke Tumbler

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