How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler
How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler

It is our favorite time of year again! When the weather says fall but our work rooms are beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We are starting out this season strong by bringing you a fabulous Christmas tumbler tutorial! Jessie of Sippin Pretty with Jess LLC is teaching us how to make a hot chocolate Christmas tumbler with an adorable whipped cream topper!

Nothing says “holiday season” like hot chocolate and peppermint sprinkles. We are getting the best of both worlds while Jessie teaches us how to make a hot chocolate Christmas tumbler and topper! This Christmas cup has everything tasty. You will learn how to make the beautiful hot chocolate waterslide.

See just how to make those fabulous chocolate drips. And how to achieve the scrumptious looking whipped cream topper. With some Culture Sculpt, Nice N’ Thick, and a few festive sprinkles you will be on your way to one awesome holiday tumbler!

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler

If you are a tumbler artist and have never tried doing a drip cup with Nice N’ Thick, this is the perfect time of year to do it! While you are wrapping up your fall and Halloween tumblers and getting into your Christmas designs you will be able to do Pumpkin Spice tumblers, Bubbly Cauldron tumblers, and now a hot chocolate one! 

Nice N’ Thick is used to thicken your epoxy. When you add just the right amount your resin will drip but will also stay where you want it. If you want to know more about this awesome product and how to use it, check out this video on our YouTube channel!

Add a Whipped Cream Topper!

Not only did Jessie share the process for her beautiful hot chocolate tumbler, she also explained how to make an adorable whipped cream topper for it! Here is what Jessie told us about that process:

  • First I place Culture Sculpt into a cake piping bag before laying down a piece of wax paper and tracing the size of my top onto the wax paper.
  • I will then start to fill in the traced topper with Culture Sculpt moving my hand in a circle to get that whip cream shape.
  • Once the whip cream is shaped I add my yummy marshmallows, peppermint candies, and sprinkles onto of the fake whipped cream.
  • Once on there, I take some Artist Resin to make some chocolate syrup for my whipped cream. I used the same method as the one used to make the chocolate drip only with less resin and without any Nice N’ Thick because we want the chocolate syrup to be somewhat runny.
  • I then take a popsicle stick and drizzle the chocolate syrup onto the whipped cream.
  • Once everything on the whipped cream is dry I will then take it and add a magnet to the bottom of the cream and one on the lid of the cup.
  • Finally, I add one more light final coat of resin to the whipped cream to be sure everything stays in place.

You can absolutely make this hot cocoa tumbler without the whipped cream topper. But it looks so adorable with it! And those faux marshmallows and sprinkles make it look good enough to eat!

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler

Learn how to make a magical Christmas tumbler complete with chocolate drips!
Yield: 1 tumbler



  • Start by sanding then washing your tumbler. Then add a base coat of Prime Time White and allow it to dry completely.
  • Next add a light coat of combined Artist Resin onto the tumbler. Then sprinkle your Fabulous Frost Glitter onto the resin working from the bottom to the top. Allow the glitter layer to dry for about 8 hours.
  • Next add additional layers of the Artist Resin (allowing each to cure before adding another) until your glitter becomes a smooth surface.
  • Print your waterslide and then place it into a bowl of lukewarm water. Dab some water on the cup too for a smooth transition. Smooth the waterslide onto the cup and then dab it lightly with a paper towel to help dry it up.
  • Once the waterslide is completely dry, apply another layer of Artist Resin and allow it to cure for about 8 hours. At this point, gently rub the cup to feel for any parts of the waterslide where it may have lifted during the drying process. If you do feel any lifts, apply one more layer of resin.
  • Now it's time for the drips! Mix 10ml of Part A and Part B of the Artist resin for a full 2 minutes. Then add a teaspoon of the Hot Chocolate Mica Powder and stir to combine. Next add about a tablespoon of Nice N' Thick and stir until it is all combined and has thickened.
  • Next use a mixing stick to help apply your drips to the top of the tumbler. Start on the very rim of the cup and go all the way around until the whole rim is covered. The resin will begin to drip as you turn the cup and use your mixing stick to help guide it.
  • Then add your peppermint candy sprinkles to the drip. Once the drip is dry, add a final layer of Artist Resin to the entire cup and allow it to cure completely.


Finishing Touches

And that is a wrap on the hot chocolate Christmas tumbler! A big thank you to Jessie for taking the time to share her amazing talents with us! You can have more fun with Jessie and see more of her fabulous creations on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

If you give this tumbler a try we would all love to see it. Share them on social media and tag Jessie @Sippinprettywith_jessllc and us #counterculturediy so we can see your fabulous creations! 

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler

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