How to Make a Nutcracker Tumbler
How to Make a Nutcracker Tumbler

How to Make a Nutcracker Tumbler

We are so excited to bring you another fabulous Christmas tumbler tutorial this week! Heather from Countryside Tumblers is showing us how to make a nutcracker tumbler and it is so adorable! It is a classic split cup with a holiday twist.

There is something so nostalgic about nutcrackers at Christmas. They are a classic holiday theme that never seems to go out of style. A big thanks to Heather for teaching us how to make a nutcracker tumbler. It is a great addition to your personal collection or your Christmas tumbler line-up. Or both! This little guy is so cute that you may want to make some for your customers and keep one for yourself! So flip on your holiday tunes or a Hallmark Christmas movie. Grab yourself something tasty to sip and let’s see how it’s done!

how to make a nutcracker tumbler

How to Make a Nutcracker Tumbler

The carved wooden nutcrackers in either soldier, king, or knight that we know today have been around since at least the 15th century. Originally they were a year round staple used to actually crack nuts. The modern nutcrackers are decorative and have become associated with Christmas.  Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suit became a holiday tradition starting in 1892 helped that association along.

World War II propelled the popularity of nutcrackers here in the US. Our soldiers were introduced to them while stationed in European cities. And 1940 saw the first US production of The Nutcracker ballet which firmly engrained them into our culture. Now Christmas isn’t complete without them!

We love this classic nutcracker design! Heather uses some of our beautiful glitters, Quick Coat, and Artist Resin to create her beautiful tumbler. Another important ingredient is the nutcracker SVG. It is an instant download and you will just need your different colored vinyl and cutting machine to get your decals. 

Nutcracker Tumbler Design Variations


Heather shared all of the supplies and steps that she used to make this Christmas tumbler. We have them listed for you in the recipe below. But you can also switch things up. Heather uses the classic red and blue combination for her nutcracker but you can use any color combo that you like!

Heather also uses the Mod Podge method to apply her glitter to the tumbler. There are many artists who prefer to apply their glitter in this way. But you can use any glitter application method that you like. You can use Quick Coat in place of the Mod Podge if you have it on hand. 

Another Fun Option

Or you can skip the Prime Time base coat and use the Pop of Color Paint colors that match your glitter. All you have to do is tape the tumbler off like you normally would. Then apply one color of paint at a time and sprinkle your glitter right onto the paint! No need to apply a base coat or adhesive with these fabulous paints! Just make sure you only do one color at a time because these paints dry really fast.

Which means you will be on your way to the next layer in no time! To learn more about this process check out the Pop of Color blog post, How to Make a Striped Glitter Tumbler with Pop of Color Paints. It is a simple and fun glitter process! 

how to make a nutcracker tumbler

How to Make a Nutcracker Tumbler

Learn how to make a beautiful nutcracker Christmas tumbler!
Yield: 1 tumbler


  • 32 oz Plump Tumbler from the Steel Magnolia
  • Gold Glitter
  • Skin Tone Glitter
  • Red Glitter
  • Blue Glitter
  • Black Glitter
  • Black vinyl
  • White vinyl
  • Blue vinyl
  • Flesh tone vinyl
  • Shiny gold vinyl
  • White Prime Time
  • Painter's tape
  • Mod Podge
  • 2" Flat paint brush
  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin
  • Counter Culture DIY Quick Coat
  • Silicone mat
  • Protective gloves
  • Filter mask
  • Mixing cups
  • Large Silicone Mixing Sticks


  • Start by prepping your tumbler. Lightly sand the outside and then wash it with soap and water. After it dries, apply a base coat of White Prime Time and allow it to dry.
  • Next decide how and where you want your four glitter block colors to lay. I didn’t measure and really just eyeballed where I wanted them to hit. I knew I wanted the face to be the largest space for me to work with, so I made the flesh tone section bigger than the rest, but not by much. There is no right or wrong reason to the madness! Tape off the top section which will be your gold (this goes toward the drinking part of the cup for reference) and grab your ModPodge and a paint brush and apply a thin coat around your top section and glitter with your gold glitter.
  • Tape off the top section which will be your red and repeat the same process.
  • Continue down with your blue glitter. Tape off your section, Mod Podge and glitter. And the black glitter gets done on the bottom of the cup (the butt of the cup where it sits on the table). Lastly you can do your fleshy skin tone color at the top.
  • Once your first coats of glitter have dried, you will more than likely need a second coat. Seal with Quick Coat. Allow to dry fully and then tape off your sections again and complete the process once more. Allow cup to fully dry, then apply a layer of Artist Resin epoxy until smooth.
  • Measure and cut your decals from the file given.(Quick coat would be a good suggestion to be used here- but I do not own it. I sometimes need to spray seal my vinyl layers to keep them flat – especially the eyes).
  • Placing the name on the back is optional. The customer wanted their name on this one, but I have made plenty without a name and it turns out just as cute!
  • Apply layers of Artist Resin until cup is completely smooth all over. It usually takes me 2 to get the cup completely smooth!

Finishing Touches

And that’s a wrap on the nutcracker Christmas tumbler! It is beautiful, festive, and fun. If you loved learning from Heather and want to see more of her creations you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok! We are so grateful to her for sharing this fabulous Christmas tumbler with us! Happy holiday crafting, y’all. We can’t wait to see your fabulous nutcracker tumblers and other Christmas designs!

how to make a nutcracker tumbler

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