How to Make an Ombre Glitter Tumbler
How to Make an Ombre Glitter Tumbler

How to Make an Ombre Glitter Tumbler

Creating tumblers is one of the most popular DIY projects right now. Using glitter is a fun and beautiful way to make your tumblers unique. Today we are sharing how to make an ombre glitter tumbler, we know you will love the results! 

It’s easy to see why tumblers are so popular. Not only are they useful but there is no limit to the designs you can create! Here at Counter Culture DIY we love all things glitter so we wanted to share with you the step-by-step instructions to make your own glitter tumbler with an ombre flare. 

How to Make an Ombre Glitter Tumbler

Choosing the right type of tumbler to use for your project is very important. Stainless steel tumblers are your best bet because they will insulate your resin from the heat of hot beverages. Resin also adheres well to stainless steel and won’t flake or chip off with time. You can use plastic tumblers but keep in mind that they do not insulate well so you won’t be able to use them with hot beverages.

The heat from hot coffee or tea will start to break down the resin on an non-insulated cup. The other problem with plastic is that resin will not adhere to it. That doesn’t mean you can’t use plastic but you will have to add a base layer of paint to give the resin something to cling to. 

Creating an ombré glitter effect on your tumbler is easier than you think.  The most important thing is to get a nice, smooth transition between your colors. When you apply the glitter to the tumbler, have a clean sheet of paper under your cup. The paper will catch your excess glitter. After you have applied both colors of glitter, mix your excess together and use that in the area between the two colors.

This will help your two glitters to blend beautifully! Sometimes a second layer of adhesive and glitter will be needed to get the color blend just right. The second layer blends more evenly because there is already a solid base of color and material beneath it. As with all things in crafting, you’ll need to experiment a little to perfect your technique. 

When creating glitter tumblers, some artists like to put a base layer of paint on the cup first. A layer of paint that fits the color scheme you are using can help your glitter colors to blend better with your tumbler. We all know that glitter can be a bit finicky and a base layer of paint will prevent any of the original tumbler color showing through. We sell our glitters, mica powder, and pigment by color groups to make it super easy to find shades that compliment each other! 


  • Tumbler
  • Painters tape
  • Clean piece of paper to catch your excess glitter
  • Adhesive (spray adhesive or modge podge work well)
  • Glitter colors of choice. We used Very Cherry and Gold Rush
  • Artist Resin

Tumbler Instructions

  1. First, remove any stickers on your tumbler then wash and dry it.
  2. Next, put painters tape on any areas where you don’t want to apply glitter.
  3. Put down a clean piece of paper to collect excess glitter.
  4. Now, position your cup in your hand and make it parallel to your working surface.
  5. Next, apply a layer of adhesive to your tumbler.
  6. Then, sprinkle Gold Rush along the bottom portion of your tumbler.
  7. Tilt your tumbler at about 45° angle with the bottom of the tumbler tilted up. Sprinkle some more glitter. The angle will encourage the glitter to fall further down the surface.
  8. Put the extra glitter in a container and save it for the later.
  9. Repeat Steps 1-5  This time, working on the top portion of the tumbler using Very Cherry.
  10. Pick up the sheet of paper and put the extra glitter into the same container with your first color of glitter and mix them together.
  11. Sprinkle the container of mixed glitter onto the middle of the tumbler, filling in all the bare spots. This step will create a nearly perfect blend between the two colors of glitter on your tumbler.
  12. If you don’t like how it’s blended, you can apply more adhesive and repeat the process.
  13. Allow the tumbler to dry completely.
  14. Mix the Artist Resin according to the package instructions. Finally, apply a layer of resin to the tumbler. This will seal the glitter on and add a clear, shiny finish. Allow the resin to fully cure before using the tumbler.


Making ombre glitter tumblers is a whole lot of fun! They are perfect for using yourself, gifting to others, or selling on your business page. The glitter colors we used are just a suggestion. Use whatever shades you love or think look good together. Have fun experimenting with different color combos and let us know what your favorites are!  

If you want more inspiration and information we have a Facebook group for that. Join us in Counter Culture DIY Artist Support where we, and other artists, offer ideas, answer questions, and support each other!

Do you have an art project using any of our products that you want to share? Send it to us at [email protected], and we can feature them here!


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