A resin art can give you more versatility if you will use colors, glitter, and mica powder. These three ingredients add complexity and depth to the artwork. In addition, adding any of these three in between the layers create a clear boundary mark which helps in making sanding off the topcoat easier. It is always a great idea to add color to a clear epoxy to achieve the desired effect.

In this blog, I will give you tips on how to use Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder in epoxy resin. Mica powder is a soft, lightweight, and smooth powder that works best for projects that need a great level of precision. It has a very small size which makes it very smooth. Mica powder is ideal for creating projects that require a metallic look because it keeps its shimmer and shine feature after the epoxy hardens.

Now, add a pinch of Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder to the mixing container. Experiment with the amount of mica powder you want by adding it to the resin little by little, until you reach the desired intensity of color. I recommend that you add more mica powder to get a little darker shade than what you want. This is essential because it prevents bleaching effects once the resin is exposed to sunlight.

Once you achieved the desired color, it’s time to add colorant to epoxy resin. Choose from a wide variety of colors from Counter Culture DIY Colorants.  Use these colors to make beautiful resin art paintings, add color to your casting resin, or stain concrete and wood to bring out the texture. Again, add one drop of the coloring agent to the resin and mix well. Add more color if needed, until you get the desired color.

After completing the steps above, your resin is ready to use. Pour it into molds or create a painting using it. For sure, you will enjoy using Counter Culture products in making a variety of art projects!