Counter Culture DIY glitter can be used in so many projects. Its use is limitless.

So, today I’m going to tell you how to add sparkle and shine to a “boring” wine glass.

Here is what you need:

  •     Your Choice of Adhesive
  •     Your Choice of Glitter
  •     Wine Glass
  •     Paint Brush
  •     Tape (optional)


  1. Clean your wine glass with soap and water. Let it dry. Wipe off with a clean towel.
  2. Optional: now is the time to tape off any areas of the glass that you don’t want to glitter.
  3. Using a brush, apply your adhesive to the areas you want to glitter.
  4. Put a clean paper on your work surface to catch the extra glitter. Sprinkle the glitter onto the adhesive until it is covered.  Tap the glass to remove excess glitter.
  5. Pick up the paper and pour the extra glitter back into the container.
  6. Let it dry.
  7. Take a clean, dry brush and go over all the glitter to remove the excess.
  8. Apply a 2nd coat of adhesive over the glittered surface.  Sprinkle glitter again and let dry. Remove loose glitter using a paint brush and put it back in your container.
  9. Place the glass on your turner and apply a coat of CCDIY Artist Resin.


Your beverages at dinner don’t have to look boring anymore!!