Choose your resin.  We recommend Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin for pours of 1/4″ or less.  You can pour in layers if it’s needed.  Our resin is VOC free and has no harmful airborne chemicals.  It is highly UV resistant so your projects will stay looking new.


Understand how the resin works.  Read the directions and check out our Facebook group – Counter Culture DIY Artist Support. Then try Instagram & Youtube for tutorials on jewelry making.


Equip yourself with the right tools. You need supplies for measuring, mixing, pouring, and cleaning the resin.  Also jewelry findings, silicone molds, needle nose pliers and a small hand drill.


You can also use your own artwork done on Yupo paper or something similar, just make sure it’s stiff enough to hold the weight of the resin.  Cut out shapes and seal both sides with our Quick Coat. Dome the resin on both sides of your shapes. Our Artist Resin is excellent for doming because of it’s thickness.  


Try adding things to your resin.  Our micas, pigments and colorants are great options for coloring. We also have a great selection of glitter for a bit of sparkle!


Always cover your pieces while they cure!


Now wear your jewelry and enjoy all the compliments!!