How to use CCDIY Quick Coat
How to use CCDIY Quick Coat

How to use CCDIY Quick Coat

We often get asked about how to use CCDIY Quick Coat and today we are giving you the dish (or, if you prefer, the tea) on all the amazing things that you can use Quick Coat for!

When we think about developing products we always have our artists’ needs at the forefront of your thoughts. We know that many of you need adhesives and sealants for your art, especially when it comes to tumblers. The awesome thing about Quick Coat is that it can be used as both of those things! We wanted to explain how to use Quick Coat and give you lots of examples of projects that it can used in. So keep reading, we have quite the list!

How to use CCDIY Quick Coat

So what exactly is Quick Coat, you ask? Quick Coat is a VOC free clear, non-yellowing sealer.  It makes the perfect surface for your next layer of resin. Just for a quick example, you can use it to seal marble dips, glitter, vinyl, and decals. You can also use it to apply glitter and fabric. Below we give you a laundry list of other ways you can use Quick Coat but that gives you a good idea.

Francesca Johnson

Applying Quick Coat is really easy to do. You can either use a brush or your gloved finger to apply a thing layer to the surface you are working with. Allow your first layer to dry completely and then add another thin layer. Once that is on you are ready to go! If you are using it as an adhesive don’t wait for this second layer to dry, get in there with your glitter or decals. If you are using it as a sealant and your next layer will be epoxy, allow the second layer to dry completely.

Using Quick Coat with glitter…

Elisabeth Dow

When you use Quick Coat with glitter you can use it as an adhesive and a sealant. You would start by brushing your thin coat over your base coat of paint. Then you would sprinkle your glitter over top of that. As the Quick Coat dries it starts to get tacky and then it dries to a gloss finish. That means that, once your glitter coat dries, you can add another layer of Quick Coat to seal your glitter in and give you an nice smooth surface for you epoxy to adhere to. This is especially important with chunky glitter. It is gorgeous but that chunkiness makes for a very textured surface. Adding that layer of Quick Coat will help you avoid any fish eyes, dimples, and pointy pieces. 

Using Quick Coat to seal paints and Alcohol Inks…

Stephanie Collins

When you are using paints and Alcohol Inks in your resin art you need to seal them before applying epoxy. This is because the chemicals in the epoxy can sometimes cause the inks and paints to smear. Having that layer of Quick Coat over them will keep this from happening. That layer will also seal your colors in place which will help you to avoid any pigment discoloration as your colors dry. It will keep your beautiful colors vibrant!

How to use Quick Coat with stencils…

Using stencils on your tumblers and other resin art pieces adds so much possibility to your designs. It is easy for the paint to smear under the stencil, however, which will not give you the clean lines you’re going for. Quick Coat can help! Just brush on a thin coat before laying your stencil down and brushing the paint on. This will give you a barrier that will keep your paint from sliding up underneath the stencil and smearing. 

The List…

Here is a list of just some of the things we have used Quick Coat for:

  • Seal the fabric on your fabric tumblers
  • Make story board tumblers
  • Seal chunky glitters
  • Seal glitter before epoxy
  • Seal your acrylic paints for dirty pours 
  • Seal your wood for resin pours so there aren’t any air bubbles coming from the porous wood
  • Seal wood for resin top coats so it wont drip 
  • Seal Unicorn Spit 
  • Seal raw wood that has no stain 
  • Help smooth the bottom rims of your tumblers before applying resin
  • Seal oil based products so resin won’t be repelled 
  • Seal marble dip paints
  • Add body to laser waterslides so they don’t tear 
  • Use it to adhere glitter to your Christmas ornaments
  • Seal outdoor art or furniture so they won’t get sun damage
  • Apply glitter to pens 
  • Use it for snow globe pens 
  • Apply glitter to make up brushes
  • Apply glitter to wine glasses, tumblers, and mugs
  • Use it when working with stencils so your paint doesn’t smear
  • Seal paints so they won’t chip
  • Use it to seal your canvas art to keep it from chipping and give it a glossy finish 
  • Seal vinyl on your tumblers and keychains
  • Use it to apply gold leaf to any project  
  • Adhere glitter to fabric or plastic 
  • Seal glitter to fabric or plastic 
  • Seal glitter on coasters
  • Seal gold leaf details on any project so they won’t tear 
  • Seal gold leaf markers 
  • Seal chalk markers
  • Seal waterslide wraps on tumblers
  • Seal spray paint on any project 
  • Seal hydro dips
  • Seal Magic Marble dips – from Beach Girlz Glitter
  • Seal furniture transfers on wood  
  • Seal furniture stain
  • Adhere and seal paper items to scrap books
  • Adhere any image or paper to tumblers

Nina Sorbet Goodwin

The Wrap Up…

As you can see, the uses for Quick Coat are just about endless. Use it to adhere, use it to seal, use it anywhere you’d use Mod Podge. The list of uses that we’ve given you is a good start but we are sure you’ll come up with more of your own. Have a use that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know, we’d love to hear about it! For now, we hope this helps answer your Quick Coat questions and gets you into your craft area armed with a brand new tool. Happy creating, y’all!

Amanda Dickinson

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