New Mica Review
New Mica Review

New Mica Review

Resin art is only as fun as the things you put in it. Add a little bit of this or that and you have a whole new creation! Today we are sharing a new mica review from one of our fabulous resin artists. Lydia Lorraine of Bespoke by Lorraine shares her experience with Counter Culture DIY Mica Powders. We hope you love them as much as she does!

Many of you are already big fans of the beautiful shimmer that mica powders provide. If you haven’t tried them yet Lydia will tell you why you should give them a go! Mica is a natural powder that, when added to resin, gives a shimmery metallic look. It comes in a huge variety of colors and is a great addition to many resin creations.

Looking for some ideas for how to use mica powder? We have a post for that too! There are so many things you can do with it but we compiled some of our favorites! Now on to Lydia’s review…

new mica review 

New Mica Review

Lydia Lorraine is a resin artist who specializes in tumbler art and other beautiful resin creations. You can see her beautiful work on her website or follow her on Instagram. We sent Lydia some products to try and here’s what she said about our  Mica Powders

“I have been absolutely blown away with the vibrancy of these colors, they are shiny straight out of the bag but the depth & dimension they have when mixed in epoxy is mind blowing! A little truly goes a long way. With CCDIY mica, simply covering the bottom of a 1oz medicine cup was enough to achieve completely opaque & even metallic effects per 1 oz of resin.

Especially in comparison to cheaper mica’s I’ve gotten off Amazon where I had to mix in substantially more powder in order to achieve that same desired hue. I was even able to achieve small cells after applying heat!

I loved working with all 6 colors I tried but personally the stand outs were clearly Olive, Red Dragon, Penny & Singularity. Olive was one that produced cells, the metallic hue provides so much to look at on every inch you could swear you even see undertones of gold. Red Dragon is the perfect shade of maroon, this red is so elegant & the color deepens with a heavier application.

Mixing & pouring Penny had me feeling like a blacksmith working with actual molten copper! It was so smooth & lustrous, almost glowing inside the cup. Singularity is a beautiful, deep charcoal that also created cells. The darkness of this color compliments the extreme silver sparkle it reflects in the light. This color has so much depth it’s like looking into the cosmos at hundreds of swirling galaxies & twinkling stars. The longer you look, the more you see!

olive green mica red dragon mica copper mica shimmer dark greymica

These colors complemented each other beautifully for the perfect fall color palette! I used them together with the Artist Resin also gifted to me by CCDIY to create a gorgeous, high shine, striped 30 oz skinny tumbler. I have plenty of customers who don’t want glitter anywhere near their orders though I as an artist truly appreciate the sparkle it gives.

These micas were the PERFECT substitute to provide a lustrous, glitter-free sparkle that fits any taste! I highly recommend these high quality mica powders to every artist.”

The Wrap Up…

So if you are looking for a new product to try in your resin art or want to add some shimmer and shine to designs you’ve already perfected, mica powders are the way to go! Below are some close ups of Lydia’s tumbler that she used mica on. You can really see the gorgeous effects that these powders bring to the table. Thanks so much to Lydia for taking the time to share her thoughts and creations with us!

If you want more inspiration and information we have a Facebook group for that. Join us in Counter Culture DIY Artist Support where we, and other artists, offer ideas, answer questions, and support each other!

Do you have an art project using any of our products that you want to share? Send it to us at [email protected], and we can feature them here!

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