DIY Fall Craft Ideas
DIY Fall Craft Ideas

DIY Fall Craft Ideas

With the summer coming to a close it is time to start thinking about our fall decor. Today we are sharing some simple and fun DIY Craft ideas that you can do with Pop of Color Paints. Morgan and Valeria have come up with some adorable fall projects for you and we can’t wait for you to check them out!

One of the best parts of being an artist is that you can decorate your home with your own custom creations. There is no need to search for a decorative item that has all the features you love when you can make it yourself. That’s just what Morgan and Valeria are doing with these DIY fall craft ideas. Morgan uses some of her favorite fall shades to create a super cute fall sign. And Valeria is painting porcelain pumpkins to make them match the colors of her home. Both projects turn out beautifully and the ladies are showing us exactly how to make them ourselves.

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DIY Fall Craft Ideas

Here at Pop of Color Paints we are truly a family. And it has been so much fun starting this company together and exploring all the creative options for our paints. For those of you who don’t know them already, Morgan is the Manager of Pop of Color and Valeria is the Marketing Manager.

These ladies work tirelessly to help connect artists with our fabulous paints. They have also dedicated themselves to teaching our artist community how to use them. Morgan is a veteran painter while Valeria is just starting out. Their different artistic backgrounds and skill levels make them the perfect teaching team! They are sharing techniques and learning new ones together. And we all get to learn with along them.

Fall Pumpkin Design Options

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The colors and methods that Morgan and Valeria use on their projects are listed for you below. You can absolutely use what they did to create these adorable projects. Or you can switch up the colors to suit your own tastes. You can check out all 42 shades of Pop of Color Paints that we have and decide from there.

Valeria wanted to update some of her own fall pumpkins so that they would match the neutral colors of her home. She chose some of our beautiful greys to use. If neutral colors are your thing, you’re going to love her choices. If bright colors are more your taste though, we have lots of other colors for you to choose from. From traditional fall colors to bright neons, we have you covered!

You could also add some cute embellishments to your pumpkins! You could use a fine paint brush and add some curly pumpkin vines or leaves. Also, you could use hot glue to add cute little fall bits and bobs. Tiny leaves or charms around the stem could be really cute!

Fall Sign Design Options

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As we said, Morgan is an experienced painter and was able to free hand the lettering on her sign. This is a pretty impressive skill that not all of us share. If free handing isn’t in your tool box, no worries! We’ve included instructions on how to use a stencil with a cute fall saying on it. You can do a small sign like Morgan did or go as large as you like. All you need is a wooden sign blank in the size that you like and a stencil to match its size!

You could also skip the lettering all together and use your vinyl cutting machine to make your phrase. Then just apply them to your sign. the leaves that Morgan used for her sign gave such a beautiful pop of color (see what we did there ;). And what else says fall more than colorful leaves? You can also add more fall decor if you like. Fall grasses, raffia, corn husks, and fall flowers would all make great additions too!


Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Painting a Fall Sign

How to make a fall sign beautiful with Pop of Color Paints!



  • Start by using the flat brush to apply the Lamb's Wool to the whole front of the blank wooden sign. Then set it aside to dry.
  • If using a stencil, use the painter's tape to secure it in place on your wooden sign.
  • Using the Bordeaux, Terra Cotta, and Army Green, paint each word a different color.
  • Once your paint is dry, remove the stencil.
  • Use hot glue to attach your faux fall leaves to the back of the sign so that they pop out the sides.

Painting Fall Pumpkins

Transform your fall decor by adding some beautiful pumpkins made with Pop of Color Paints



  • Add a second coat and allow them to dry again.

The Finishing Touches!

Fall colors are some of the most beautiful ones out there. They make gorgeous DIY fall craft ideas. However you you choose to paint and embellish these great projects we hope that you have as much fun with them as we did! We would love to see your fall crafts so be sure to tag us when you share them on social media!


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