Farmhouse Style Table Makeover
Farmhouse Style Table Makeover

Farmhouse Style Table Makeover

Hello, Pop Stars! We have another great furniture painting tutorial for you. Rick Cheadle of Cheadle Designs is back to show us how to do a farmhouse style table makeover. It is a simple makeover but the results are beautiful!

In the video below you will see Rick use Pop of Color Paint to do his farmhouse style table makeover. He has also shared his supply list and step by step instructions with us. If you are a lover of farmhouse decor, this furniture tutorial is perfect for you! You can use this method on a side table like Rick did. Or you can go for it with any other furniture piece you find. Rick makes it easy for us to transform any furniture into a farmhouse piece. We are turning it over to him now so he can show us how it’s done!

farmhouse table makeover farmhouse style table makeover

Farmhouse Style Table Makeover

Farmhouse style Décor has become very trendy these days. There is something Warm and Cozy about the whole concept of a Farmhouse.

You can almost imagine someone in the kitchen cooking up a hearty meal for a large family, a roaring fire in a huge stone fire place and a handmade blanket to wrap up in.

Even if you live in the middle of a big city, you can enjoy this feeling by adding a few Farmhouse Style accents to your home.

The Farmhouse actually made its way into the United States in the early 1700’s. Generally the Farmhouse was built for functionality. It was large and airy to accommodate big families. Some farmhouses were built from logs milled right on the property. This included huge beams to form a sound and sturdy structure. This wood was often rough and natural looking with scuffs and markings formed over years of use. Large plank floors and simple accents make the Farmhouse inviting to us with its “worn in ” feel.

So how do you add this feel to your home today?

Simplicity is key. You don’t want things to look perfect. A natural “worn in” looks gives that warm and cozy feel. But there’s a fine line between “worn in” and “worn out” Its takes a special technique to get this look. Follow me as I repurpose a table I found at a local Thrift store. I wanted to give this table the Farmhouse look and feel that is so popular today.

farmhouse style table makeover

Farmhouse Style Table Makeover Supply List

Step by Step Instructions

  1. The first step is finding a piece of furniture that is in good condition. I found this table at a local thrift store. It’s the perfect piece to do the Farmhouse Style Makeover on.
  2. I always start every makeover with a complete inspection and cleaning. My go-to product for this kind of cleaning is Krud Kutter. Its a cleaner and degreaser that will remove any kind of reside on the furniture. A clean surface is key to a good finish.
  3. The color I chose for this project is Pop of Color Pure White. Turn the table upside down and paint the bottom and legs of the table. Let it dry and then add another coat.
  4. When that’s dry, I flip the table over and apply 2 coats to the top. Make sure to thoroughly paint all drawer areas or any doors so every area is completely covered.
  5. After the 2nd coat dries, I use a spray bottle filled with water (or you could just use a damp cloth) I spritz random areas and then rub it with a soft cloth to remove paint. I prefer this over sanding because of all the particulates left over when using sandpaper.

The Finishing Touches

And there you have it! A simple way to add a beautiful piece of farmhouse decor to your home. A big thanks to Rick for sharing his time and talent with us.  If you loved learning from Rick as much as we did be sure to check out the links that Rick shares below. You can see his amazing artwork and learn more techniques from him!

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farmhouse style table makeover

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