Furniture Refinishing Paint: What Supplies Do You Really Need?
Furniture Refinishing Paint: What Supplies Do You Really Need?

Furniture Refinishing Paint: What Supplies Do You Really Need?

If you are excited to get into furniture refinishing but aren’t sure what you actually need to get started, we have you covered! We have the list of all the supplies you really need to use furniture refinishing paint.

When it comes to refinishing furniture it can be hard to decide what tools you must have and which are just handy to have around. If you need to do some repairs on your piece, you will need a few additional items as well. We list the must have supplies for using furniture refinishing paint.

We also let you know what you will need for minor furniture repairs. As well as a few things that can be really helpful even if they aren’t totally necessary.

Furniture Refinishing Paint: What Supplies Do You Really Need?

Other than good ventilation, enough space, and decent lighting, there are a few more things you need to have ready before you paint.

Finding your Furniture

First thing’s first. We have to find that piece of furniture that is just begging to be refinished. Sometimes finding the right piece takes diligence. While other times you just happen upon one by accident. Here are some great places to find your next furniture project!

  • Local Thrift Stores: These are some of the best places to shop for furniture! Not only can you find some really great pieces, you can often get them for a steal. The only thing is that you have to check back often. They get new items frequently and good ones go quickly. I think that’s part of the adventure though! I love looking for old books and furniture with potential at the same time. It’s like a treasure hunt and I never know what new favorite thing I am going to find!
  • Resale Stores: These stores are similar to thrift stores but with a few minor differences. People sell items that they no longer need and the store sells them to someone else who wants it. Sometimes the prices are a little higher that thrift stores but not always. If you have a Habitat for Humanity resale store near you, be sure to check it out! Usually the prices are just as fabulous as the finds. And it helps a great cause!
  • Garage Sales: We all know how these work! Summer time is prime time for shopping for furniture to refinish. I have a hard time passing by a driveway where there is a sale going on. I worry that I am missing out on that perfect furniture piece. Happily you can usually spot the furniture easily.
  • Local Listings: Newspapers used to be where we would find things people have for sale. Now there are several options for this. Craig’s List, Facebook Marketplace, Liquid Bidding, and eBay are all places you can go to find furniture for sale in your area. As much as I love garage sales, these online spaces make shopping much quicker.

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MUST HAVE Furniture Refinishing Paint Supplies

Now that you have your piece of furniture to refinish, it’s time to talk supplies. As you get more practiced with refinishing furniture you will have your own favorite things in your toolbox. But to get you started, here is our list of the must have furniture painting tools.

-Pop of Color Furniture Refinishing Paint

Whether you love neutral tones, lovely colors, or bold neons we have the perfect Pop of Color Paint for you! You can go with one shade or mix in several. Whatever colors you choose, you will get smooth application, fabulous coverage, and an amazing finish.

– Furniture Paint Brushes

Premium Medium Flat Furniture Brush: This brush is for painting or staining larger pieces of furniture. It easily covers large areas with a super smooth application. It’s not just for single color coats either. Add a little water to your brush or directly to your project with a mister bottle and this brush is perfect for blending!

Premium Medium Angled Furniture Brush An angled furniture brush is a must have too. They are cut at a slant which makes it easier to get into nooks and crannies. It is also perfect for making clean lines. This is the brush you want to grab if you are painting things that have grooves. Cabinets, doors with paneling, window panes and ledges, or grooved furniture are all pieces that you will use this brush for.

– The Before and After Supplies

  • Cleaner: Before refinishing a furniture piece you have to make sure it is nice and clean. Every furniture painter has there own favorite cleaner. You can use any mild cleanser that you like. Many prefer a degreaser to clean their furniture because it easily removes grease and grime.
  • Top Coat: After your paint is applied to your furniture you will want to give it some extra protection. Chalk paint is tough and doesn’t need a top coat if it is on a decorative piece. But furniture typically gets a lot of traffic. It needs a top coat so it can stand up to the wear and tear.

Depending on your preference you can either use varnish or wax. Pop Coat Varnish is a clear, water-based acrylic topcoat that creates a           durable matte finish for your furniture refurbishing needs. “FINISH” IT wax is a clear wax great for chalk paint projects. Its creamy soft           texture makes it easy to apply to furniture pieces. If you want to know more about using varnish and finishing wax, check out our post: How to Get a Perfect Finish with Furniture Refinishing Paint.

  • Odds and Ends: You will also need a few other simple items. A paint can opener to get at your chalk paint. A stir stick for mixing the paint before applying it. Lint free rags for cleaning and finishing. And a drop cloth or old sheet to protect your work area.

Optional (but really helpful) Furniture Refinishing Paint Supplies

  • Premium Oval Furniture Brush: This one may just be our favorite brush! It gives such a great application. And it holds a lot of paint which makes it great for covering large surfaces. It is also fabulous for feathering in your paint or doing a distressing technique. It’s oval shape makes this brush exceptionally versatile.
  • Continuous Water Bottle Mister: Pop of Colors Continuous Water Bottle Mister is your go-to furniture painting tool. It is used to create amazing techniques from blending to no brush strokes on your next furniture piece.
  • Good Lighting: If you have a space that is well lit with natural light you are good to go. But if you don’t, investing in good lighting can be very helpful. There are fabulous lamps available specifically for painters. But they can cost a pretty penny. You can also use regular lamps placed in areas where you need more light. Any additional light you can get your hands on will help you with the painting process.
  • Painter’s Tape: Tape isn’t always necessary, especially if you are only using one color. But having it in your supplies is a good idea. That way if an idea or technique that requires tape comes to mind, you are ready to go!

 Furniture Repair Supplies

The most common furniture repair supplies include sand paper, wood filler, and a putty knife. Most dings and dents can be fixed with these supplies. If you are repairing or replacing hardware on your piece you will also need a screw driver but sand paper is the furniture refinisher’s best friend.

Our chalk paint doesn’t require sanding a piece to make it adhere. But if you have furniture that has seen a lot of love, sand paper can get your piece back to an even level. You won’t need to sand between coats of paint either. But if you are using varnish as your top coat, sanding between coats is a good idea.

The Finishing Touches

Now you have an idea of the best places to find your furniture for refinishing. The must have supplies you need to refinish furniture with chalk paint. And the tools that can make your painting job easier. And finally, the supplies you need to do any repairs before you paint. Whatever piece and paint colors you choose, we hope you love refinishing furniture as much as we do!


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