How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint
How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint

How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint

You’ve found a fabulous furniture piece. You’ve painted it with your favorite Pop of Color Shock Paints. Now how do you protect your work and get the perfect finish? Grab your Finish It Wax top coat and let’s get busy! We are explaining all about how to apply wax to chalk paint.

Refurbishing and restoring furniture has really grown in popularity over the last years. People are really excited about bringing new life to old pieces. And luckily for us, wood is very forgiving. With a little elbow grease we can turn something forgotten into something wonderful. And finishing wax plays a big role in that.

We want to make sure everyone has the information they need to use furniture wax with confidence. So today we are giving you everything you need to know about how to apply wax to chalk paint. Whether you stop with our clear wax top coat or go on to add dark wax to age your piece, we are sharing all the goods!

How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint

Why is Wax a Good Top Coat for Furniture?

One of the reasons that we love chalk paint for furniture is the lovely matte finish it gives. Using wax as a top coat allows us to protect the paint and keep that beautiful finish. Chalk paint itself is porous and that allows the wax to absorb easily and completely into the surface. Once the wax hardens, the paint is sealed. And you are left with a natural looking finish that is as nice to touch as it is to look at.

Another thing we love about wax is that it ages better than polyurethane. The poly can yellow and crack over time and wax doesn’t. Since our wax is clear you can be sure that it won’t alter the color of your painted piece either!

Wax is the perfect finish for most furniture pieces. The only exceptions would be for pieces that get a whole lot of use. Things like your kitchen chairs are going to need a finish that will hold up to a lot of traffic and cleaning. For those pieces you will want to use Pop Coat Varnish.

How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint

How to Apply Wax to Chalk Paint Supply List

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Dip your brush into the wax to get a little on it. Start small, less is more when it comes to wax. You can always add more if you need to. With the wax on your brush, use small back and forth strokes to apply the wax to your piece. Lengthen your brush strokes as you go to spread the wax out.
  2. Apply one even layer to your piece. Then go back and add another layer. There is no need to allow the layers to dry in between.
  3. Once your wax is evenly applied grab a link free cloth and start buffing. To do this you rub back and forth with the cloth over the whole surface. This will remove any large spots of wax. It will also ensure an even coat and gives your piece a lovely sheen.

farmhouse style table makeover

How to Apply Dark Wax for an Aged Look

Once you have applied your clear wax your piece is protected and finished. However, if you like a more aged or antique look you can take it one step further. Adding a dark wax to the edges and top points of your piece instantly adds character and age.

If you will be adding a dark wax ALWAYS apply clear wax first. You don’t need much dark wax to achieve the look you want. So you need to apply a good layer of the clear wax first to make sure that your paint will be properly protected.

All you need to add the dark wax is a lint free rag. Some people prefer to use a wax that is specifically for antiquing but we find that any dark wax works great. Just put the rag over your pointer finger then dip it into the dark wax to get a small amount. Then gently rub the wax onto the edges of your piece.

A Few More Tips…

Also hit any high points on your piece. If there is any kind of beveling or raised design, you will want to add wax to those edges too. Remember to start with a little bit and work your way up. And don’t worry about getting the dark wax on evenly. Nothing ages evenly so you want to apply it in a more random way.

If you think you added too much dark wax to any one spot just go back with the clear wax again. If you use the link free cloth and your finger like you did to apply the dark wax, you can use it like an eraser. Just rub it onto the area where you want to remove the dark wax and most of it will be removed.

You can age your piece even more with a little bit of sandpaper. To do this, lightly sand at the corners, edges, and raised areas. Again, there is no need to be exact or thorough with this step. You can sand as much or as little as you like. There is no right or wrong way to distress a piece. A little sanding around the edges gives a much softer and more worn in look. How distressed you want it is up to you!

how to apply wax to chalk paint

The Finishing Touches

We absolutely love using furniture wax as a top coat for chalk paint! For those of us who love bringing damaged or drab furniture back to life, finding a fabulous old piece feels like Christmas morning. These finds are one of the best things about being in the furniture painting world.

These old pieces need love but we don’t want to take too much away from their natural character. That makes Finish It wax the perfect solution for the top coat. It seals and protects without making it look too finished and new. Instead you get a naturally lovely finish every time! Have fun painting and waxing, friends!

how to apply wax to chalk paint


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