How to Get a Perfect Finish with Furniture Refinishing Paint
How to Get a Perfect Finish with Furniture Refinishing Paint

How to Get a Perfect Finish with Furniture Refinishing Paint

No matter what type of surface you are excited to get working on, getting the perfect finish is an absolute must. We are sharing everything you need to know to get the perfect finish (every time!) with furniture refinishing paint.

Whether you are new to painting or you’ve been working with it for years, you’ve learned that technique is just as important as high quality supplies. Using both together gives you the ability to bring your artistic visions to life in the most beautiful ways.

We already bring you the best quality in paints and supplies. Now we want to share the tips and techniques you need to get the most out of our matte finish chalk paints! So today we are spilling the tea on how to get the perfect finish with furniture refinishing paint.

how to get the perfect finish with pop of color paints

How to Get a Perfect Finish with Furniture Refinishing Paint

Our paints see the most action among furniture painting and DIY home decor artists. We absolutely love that! And that’s exactly how most of us use them too. When it comes to getting the perfect chalk paint finish, the surface you are starting with will determine your steps.

Before beginning your project take a close look at your piece. Is it clean, smooth, and in good repair? If so then go ahead and break out your brushes. If not you will need to do a little prep work before you get started. But just a little! Our paints are so awesome that they usually require very little (if any) prepping. Yes we are biased. But we are also right about this!

On to the first steps…

Prepping your Project

how to get the perfect finish with pop of color paints

If you are working on a piece that you bought new you are already clean, smooth, and in good repair. Things like wooden signs, bird houses, and other decorative pieces will get you right to the fun part: painting!

But if your project is an older piece of furniture or other decor item that you snagged up you have at least one step between you and the paint cans.

Cleaning your Pieces

Any previously loved items that you get your hands on should be given a good scrub before painting. This gets rid of any existing dirt and grime that could keep your paint from adhering properly. It will also help to ensure that you get that perfect paint finish you’re going for.

First, remove any large debris like cob webs or dirt. Then use Ready Clean to gently clean the entire surface of your piece. Ready Prep is a top-quality cleaner/degreaser that will help remove any tough gunk or oils that your old furniture pieces might have. Simply apply to a cleaning cloth and start wiping down your piece.

While it dries, examine the piece to determine if any repairs are needed.

Some furniture pieces will have deep gouges that will need wood filler. Others may need some tightening or more in depth repairs. Likely you already noticed these areas when you found your piece. But a thorough going over will save you time in the long run. Finding any imperfections now will keep you from having to back track if you notice them after you’ve already started painting.

how to get the perfect finish with pop of color paints

To Sand or Not to Sand

In many cases you will not need to sand before using our paints. That is because the coverage and application of our paints is so fabulous. The paint will adhere smoothly an thoroughly to any surface whether sanded or not.

And there is no need to sand between coats either! A second coat will apply even better than the first one. Our paints don’t need a roughened surface to adhere. That goes a long way to ensuring that perfect paint finish!

That being said, however. If you did need to use wood filler or made repairs, you will want to sand those areas to make them smooth again. And if your piece has developed any rough or uneven spots due to use and age, sanding will even all of that out.

Some artists love to embrace the imperfections of older pieces. They see those areas as adding character and charm to the piece. In these cases the decision to paint lies entirely with the artist and their preferences. Rustic, clean-lined, bright, or subtle decor. We love them all!

Should you use a Primer?

how to get the perfect finish with pop of color paints

As with sanding, in most cases you will not need a primer when using our matte finish paints. As we mentioned, these paints are extra clingy. And unlike with your toddlers, this is a good kind of clinging! Our paints aren’t picky either. They cling just as well to plastics and other surfaces as they do to wood. So, in most cases you can skip the primer.

If you are taking a dark piece and transforming it with a light color, however, you may want to prime. Using a primer will mean you won’t need extra coats of paint to cover the dark shade. Counter Culture DIY’s White Prime Time is our go to for priming just about everything. It goes on nice and smooth and you don’t need much to get the coverage you need.

Choosing the Right Tools

how to get the perfect finish with pop of color paints

One of the most important aspects of getting the best finish on your projects is choosing the right tools. You want to make sure you are using the right brushes and the right techniques.

Deciding which paint brush to use is second nature to some artists. But for others, especially those just starting out, the options can be confusing. Choosing a flat or an angled brush, a round or a small brush can make a difference in good application and coverage.

To clear up some of the confusion and help you make a decision we put together a the post How to Know what Paint Brush is Right for your Project. So if you need help with brush types, head there before you dive in to your next project!

Using the Right Techniques

Our matte finish paints are extremely forgiving. Even those brand new to painting will have great luck getting a smooth finish with our paints. But the right technique can help too! Just like everything else with art, there is no one right way to do it. Artists typically try a few different methods and settle on what works best for them.

Some of our artists swear by their water misters when applying chalk paint. Our continuous water mister is perfect for several techniques. From blending to no brush strokes. The continuous mist gives you an even spray that makes every brush stroke even more uniform and smooth!

Depending on the surface of you piece you may also want to try using a roller to smooth out your brush strokes. Some artists have great luck with using a brush to apply the matte finish paint. Then they go back with a smooth roller to ensure an even and perfect finish. Again, it’s all up to you and which technique you love the most. And it can also vary from surface to surface. Just have fun experimenting until you find what clicks!

Deciding if your Project Needs a Sealant

For most decorative projects you don’t need to worry about a sealant. Pieces that aren’t functional will hold their color and finish perfectly for years to come. If you are working on furniture or items that will see a lot of use you will want to protect your work in some way. This is also true for pieces that will be exposed to the elements outdoors.

If you finished creation is going to get a lot of love and use you have a couple of options for sealants. Your choice will depend on the overall look you are going for.

how to get the perfect finish with pop of color paintsOur “Finish” it Wax goes on beautifully and gives a warm finish that is smooth and inviting to the touch. Wax gives a piece character and beauty. It is durable without being completely unmoving. The buff and polish involved in using furniture wax also allows you to have more control over the finished look of your piece.

how to get the perfect finish with pop of color paintsOur Pop Coat is a clear, water-based acrylic topcoat that creates a durable matte finish for your furniture refurbishing needs. Pop Coat is used as a varnish and sealant for your Pop of Color painted projects. This sealant is as durable as it gets! Slap it on pieces like your kitchen chairs with confidence. It will stand up to boots, buttons, and lots of bottoms!

How to Get the Perfect Finish with Furniture Refinishing Paint

Whatever project you have in mind, you will be able to achieve the perfect finish with Pop of Color Paints! A little prepping along with choosing the right tools and techniques will give you a beautifully finished project every time. The quality of our chalk paints makes getting that perfect finish so simple. And gives you more time to dream about the colors you’ll use. And, most importantly, extra time to paint!

We love to see your finished creations so be sure to tag us on social media so we can check them out! Have fun painting, friends!

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