How to Hand Paint Flowers on a Tumbler
How to Hand Paint Flowers on a Tumbler

How to Hand Paint Flowers on a Tumbler

Our paints are perfect for just about any surface, including tumblers! Today Sarah from BAMF Custom Creations is showing us how to hand paint flowers on a tumbler with Pop of Color Paints. It’s easier than you’d think and the results are beautiful!

There are so many gorgeous tumbler designs that you can try with our paints. These flowers are not only beautiful they are soothing to paint and it is actually pretty hard to mess them up. In the video below, Sarah shows us how to hand paint flowers on a tumbler and the method she uses can be done by anyone. Even if you aren’t an experienced painter you will be able to pull these flowers off beautifully!

Sarah also shows how to add a decal to your tumbler and how to seal it with Counter Culture DIY resins. You’ll be able to make this entire tumbler from start to finish!

How to Hand Paint Flowers on a Tumbler

Sarah is a fabulous artist who is dedicated to helping other artists get their businesses off the ground and get them thriving. She knows how much research and work goes into starting a small business and wanted to take the guess work out of it. She does fabulous video tutorials on her YouTube channel. And on her website she helps artists with their businesses.

On her blog Sarah also breaks down each material she used for this tumbler and exactly how much it costs. If you sell your tumblers and want to add this beauty to your shop she has already calculated all the cost for you. Right down to shipping supplies! Many artists love creating but cringe when it comes to business details like calculating cost. It’s amazing that Sarah does that for you! You can check out her blog post here!

If you have never hand painted flowers, Sarah’s method is a perfect place to start! These flowers start out as just circles of paint and then get their definition and detail with a paint marker. It’s a simple technique that only needs a little bit of practice to get it right. It was really fun to see how Sarah combined some of her favorite Pop of Color Paints to make her flower colors. You can do similar shades or try mixing and matching others.


Hand Painting Flowers on a Tumbler

Learn how to hand paint flowers on a tumbler with Pop of Color Paints! It's a simple method that gives beautiful results!


  • Start by applying your base coat to your tumbler and then allow it to dry.
  • Then pour a small amount of each color onto a paper plate. The paper plate will allow you to mix some of the colors later.
  • Sarah used the paints to add a background for her flowers. You can do that too or skip this step.
  • Once your background is set start painting on your flowers. To do this just make largish round shapes all around your tumbler.
    Mix and blend your colors as you go, there is no wrong way to do this! Then go back in with the Jade and add some rough leaves here and there.
  • Now add some Hot Pink and Deep blush to the plate. Mix those two along with the Lamb's Wool to make a peachy color and add in some flower circles with it.
  • Then combine some Deep Blush, Old Army Green, and Jade and use the combination to add in more leaves.
  • Next, use the white paint pen to add squiggly lines in and around your flowers. Words aren't adequate to explain this process but Sarah shows you exactly how it's done in the video.
  • Once your paint has dried, lightly sand it and then use alcohol to remove and residue.
  • Apply your decal if using one.
  • Then combine 12.5 ml each of parts A and B of Fast Set according to the package instructions. Add a little bit of glitter if using any and stir to combine.
  • Using a gloved finger, apply the combined Fast Set to your entire tumbler. Use a torch to pop any bubbles that may emerge.
  • Once the Fast Set has cured, repeat the sanding and cleaning process. Then combine 20-30 ml of the Artist Resin and apply it to your entire tumbler as your last coat of epoxy.




The Finishing Touches

This beautiful tumbler takes a bit of time to do but it is simple in its method. This is the type of project that can me meditative as you sit, play with colors, and paint! And remember, just like in nature, each flower you paint will be unique and perfectly imperfect. So just relax and enjoy the process!

If you loved learning from Sarah be you can follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest! You can also watch more of her tutorials on her YouTube channel.

If you give this tumbler a try we’d love to see it! If you share it on social media be sure to tag us so we can check it out!

how to hand paint flowers on a tumbler


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