How to Know Which Paint Brush is Right for your Project
How to Know Which Paint Brush is Right for your Project

How to Know Which Paint Brush is Right for your Project

Painting is a fun and relaxing craft that results in beautiful creations. But, knowing which brush to use is something that just comes with practice. We want you to be able to start painting today, though. So we are explaining how to know which paint brush is right for your project! 

The first step in figuring out how to know which paint brush is right for you project is deciding what you want to create. Our fabulous paints can be used on just about any surface using any method. The real trouble comes in narrowing it down to just one project at a time. Once you have chosen your project, it is time to pick your Pop of Color Paint colors and your paint brushes.

Each of our brushes is designed to work perfectly with our matte finish paints. They can hold a lot of paint while providing a smooth application and finish. And they are durable enough to last you long into your painting journey. And they clean up so well! A little soap and water and you’re ready for your next project. These high quality brushes are sure to become your go to painting implements!

How to Know Which Paint Brush is Right for your Project


how to know which paint brush to use for your project

 Small Synthetic Soft-Bristle Paint Brushes

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Small soft-bristle brushes are perfect for smaller projects!

Every painter needs their small soft-bristle brushes. These are the brushes that you use for smaller projects or detailing on furniture. Each one has it’s own unique purpose so you will want to grab a flat and an angled one.

1″ Flat Brush: This is the brush that you will use most often when working on smaller paint projects. They will give you a good base coat and are good for adding larger elements to your projects. Floating, blending, and basic strokework are all techniques that you will use this brush for. Think of this as your foundation brush, the one you will become the most acquainted with.

.75″Angled Brush: This brush doesn’t get quite as much use but it is still an important painting too. It holds less paint and water which means you won’t get the good continuous flow that you do from your flat brush. That makes it less than ideal for base coating but it’s wonderful for other applications!

This is the brush you want for getting into tight spaces. It is also great for shading and highlighting. And, if you are a flower painter (especially roses) this is the brush you want. It lets you get into all of those tight spaces and add the beautiful details to your flowers.

You can see some of the projects (including these adorable pumpkins!) we have used these brushes for in our post DIY Fall Craft Ideas!

how to know which paint brush to use for your project

Premium Medium Flat Furniture Paint Brush

This is your go to brush for larger projects and all things furniture! Use this brush for painting or staining larger pieces of furniture. It easily covers large areas with a super smooth application. And it’s not just for furniture! Use it on any project that has a large surface area or needs a good base coat. It’s not just for single color coats either. Add a little water to your brush or directly to your project with a mister bottle and this brush is perfect for blending!

how to know which paint brush to use for your project

Premium Medium Angled Furniture Paint Brush

Just like with your smaller brushes, and angled furniture brush is a must have too. They are cut at a slant which makes it easier to get into nooks and crannies. It is also perfect for making clean lines. This is the brush you want to grab if you are painting things that have grooves. Cabinets, doors with paneling, window panes and ledges, or grooved furniture are all pieces that you will use this brush for.

If you want to learn more about painting furniture, we have a post for that too. Check out Painting Furniture with Pop of Color Paints to get all the details!

how to know which paint brush to use for your project

Premium Oval Furniture Paint Brush

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Shay Livensparger used the oval furniture brush for the base of this table!

This one may just be our favorite brush! It has gives such a great application. And it holds a lot of paint which makes it great for covering large surfaces. But, at the same time, it is also fabulous for feathering in your paint or doing a distressing technique. It’s oval shape makes this brush exceptionally versatile. You will be able to use this brush for just about any largish project that you can imagine!


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Premium Round Brushes

The round brush is perfect for spindles and curved pieces!

Round brushes are a much used tool in the furniture painter’s tool box. The rounded head is perfect for applying paint to rounded surfaces. That is because it conforms to the shape of the object you are painting. A round brush will give you a more smooth and even coverage on curved surfaces than a traditional flat brush. The round brush gives you smooth even coverage even on your curviest pieces.

This brush is also great for painting flowing wavy lines, ornate furniture details, spindles, and stenciling!

The Wrap Up…

Having the right tools for your project gives you the foundation you need to create beautiful pieces. It sets you up for success before you ever put paint to canvas. We help this post has helped you to understand what each brush can do. That way you will know exactly which brush to reach for when you are ready to paint!

There are so many painting techniques and methods that you can use our brushes for. We will be covering more and more of them in future blog posts so be sure to stay tuned!

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