How to Make a Striped Glitter Tumbler with Pop of Color Paints
How to Make a Striped Glitter Tumbler with Pop of Color Paints

How to Make a Striped Glitter Tumbler with Pop of Color Paints

We have a really fun project for you today! Ivette of Maestra Creations is showing us how to make a striped glitter tumbler with Pop of Color Paints. It’s a simple process that gives beautiful results!

One of the things that we love most about our Shock paint is its superior coverage. Whether you are starting with prepped and painted tumbler or a stainless steel one, you will only need one coat of our paint to cover it. That is going to save you time and supplies and who doesn’t want that? We also love that our paints are a superior substitute to using spray paint. Especially for those of us in the colder climate where spray paint isn’t an option for parts of the year.

In the video below Ivette shows us how to make a striped glitter tumbler that only needs one layer of paint and glitter. Gotta love a process that eliminates several steps! And the colors Ivette chose for her tumbler are so beautiful together! The soothing browns and blues make for a fabulous design.

how to make a striped glitter tumbler with pop of color paints


How to Make a Striped Glitter Tumbler with Pop of Color Paints


French Blue


Blue Grey

Glitter tumblers have been popular for awhile now. There is so much demand that many artists have been able to start their own businesses creating and selling their handmade tumblers. There are so many creative designs and methods out there, we love seeing what all of our artists come up with!

Since our paints have arrived on the scenes, the tumbler artists in our Counter Culture DIY community have had a blast using it on their tumblers. Ivette has come up with a way to use it to glitter her cups. No mod podge or extra layers of epoxy needed. She has figured out how to apply her glitter right to the wet Pop of Color Paints and she is showing us how to do it!

Using Pop of Color Paints to Glitter a Tumbler

how to make a striped glitter tumbler

First of all, can we just say how fun it is that “glitter” has become a verb?! There are a few different ways that you can glitter a tumbler but Ivette’s method cuts out steps and reduces supplies. All she does is apply her chosen paint color and then immediately shakes her opal glitter onto it.

One of the great things about this method is that using the opal glitter allows the paint colors to shine. So often our base coats end up covered by our designs. Ivette’s method lets us enjoy the beautiful glitter but also the paint. This is because the opal glitter gives good sparkle coverage but also lets the different paint shades through. It takes on the shades of the base color for a beautiful effect.

When it comes to picking out colors for your tumblers, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect glitter. As Ivette says though, if you use her method, you have a lot more color options at your disposal. She pointed out that often it can be easier to find the right paint color than the right glitter color. We definitely have you covered there! Especially when it comes to neon colors. We are one of the few places where you can find fabulous neon shades in a full coverage paint!


how to make a striped glitter tumbler with pop of color paints

Watch the video tutorial here!

How to Make a Striped Glitter Tumbler with Pop of Color Paints

Learn how to make a beautiful glitter tumbler with Shock paint as your base coat AND glitter application method!
Yield: 1 tumbler


  • Start by washing and drying your tumbler so it is ready for paint. Then rip off 10strips of the painter's tape. Starting at the top rim of your cup, add your tape horizontally to make stripes down the entire cup. When you are finished, the whole tumbler will be covered in tape
  • Next, starting at the top, remove a piece of tape, skip three spots, then pull another one.  Continue this down the length of the cup. This is because you have 4 colors and are leaving spots to evenly space your stripe colors.
  • In the first open stripe apply the Greige paint and then immediately sprinkle on the opal glitter. Repeat this with the rest of your open stripes.
  • Now remove your next set of tape stripes. Use the French Blue for this round. Apply the paint and glitter in the same way you did in the last step.
  • For the next set of stripes use the same method and the Contour paint.
  • Remove the last strips of tape and use the Blue Grey paint for these stripes using the same process as before.
  • Once your paint and glitter layer has dried, use a brush or sanding block to get rid of any big chunks of glitter that may be standing up.
  • Then combine the Fast Set epoxy according to the package instructions and use a gloved finger to apply it to the tumbler. Allow this layer to cure and then add another layer or two until the tumbler is smooth.
  • Next add your strips of vinyl at each point where your colors meet.
  • Finally, combine the Artist Resin according to the package instructions and then apply it to your tumbler as your final layer of epoxy. Allow the cup to cure completely.

Opal Magic White Glitter from Maestra Creatio

how to make a striped glitter tumbler

The Finishing Touches

And that’s all there is to glittering a striped tumbler with Pop of Color Paints! The most time consuming part is applying your tape. After that the fun of painting and glittering takes over. We can’t wait for you to try our fabulous paints on your tumblers! Pop of Color Paints are sold exclusively at Counter Culture DIY. So now you have even more reasons to stop by!

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