How to Make Fall Acorn Decorations
How to Make Fall Acorn Decorations

How to Make Fall Acorn Decorations

It is almost time to switch gears and start crafting for the holiday season. But we wanted to bring you  one more fun fall project before we make the switch. We are showing you how to make fall acorn decorations that are super cute and very simple to make!

Hello painting friends! My name is Melissa and I am the blog writer for Counter Culture DIY. This is the first time that I have featured one of my own projects so I wanted to introduce myself. And I will be honest with you right up front, I am not much of an artist. I can sling a mean glue gun but have never been much of a painter.

But I have been inspired by all of you artists and the amazing creations that you have been sharing on our Pop of Color Artist Support Page. You make it look so fun and easy! So I thought I would try my hand at a simple fall project. I learned how to make fall acorn decorations using our Pop of Color paints and I am excited to share them with you!

how to make fall acorn decorations

How to Make Fall Acorn Decorations

how to make fall acorn decorations

One of the best things about painting is that you don’t have to have great artistic talent to dive into painting! Some of you are so creative and talented and others, like me, love to do crafty things but don’t have the skill set to create beautiful paintings. But, no matter our skills, we can all grab our brushes and have fun painting!

These cute little acorns are so simple to which makes them the perfect project for people who are just getting their feet wet in the painting world. If you can dip a brush in paint, you can make these acorns! And this isn’t the only project we have shared that can be done by painting novices. If you want to try your hand at canvas painting we have a couple of great beginner tutorials that you can try!

You can follow along with Morgan in Painting a Fall Themed Pumpkin Canvas. And with Misty in Halloween Canvas Painting. In both of those video tutorials the process is broken down into simple, easy to achieve, steps. And the results look amazing whether you have ever painted or not!

What Kind of Egg to use…

The base for these acorns is an egg. I bought wooden eggs to use for this project but you can also use the plastic ones that people use for Easter. I wanted to see which kind of egg I liked better so I painted some of each kind. It surprised me that the plastic eggs actually worked great! All I did was use super glue to permanently close the egg and then I got painting. I couldn’t believe how well our paints covered the bright neon colors of the plastic eggs! And the seam on the egg gave a clear spot for the string to go while also giving it something to cling to.

And then there are the wooden eggs. I absolutely loved how smoothly the paint went on these! And it only took seconds to get each one painted. I also like that these eggs have some weight to them. I liked the size of the plastic eggs (a bit larger than the wooden ones) but overall I preferred the wooden eggs. Whichever eggs you decide to start with, you will get amazing coverage with our paints!

Let’s Talk about Colors…

Ok, so I told you that I am not much of an artist. That means that I am not as skilled at making color selections as some of you. I choose colors that I thought would match my home and existing fall decorations. For my acorns I went with Terra Cotta, Old Army Green, and Wet Sand. I love these colors but I think I will use different shades next time. We have so many great fall colors to choose from and I definitely want to use Orange Slice and maybe some Contour or Bordeaux.

There are so many different color schemes that you can use for your own acorns! You can choose bright or muted fall colors to add to your autumn decor. Or you could pull out your neutral colors to match farmhouse or vintage themes. I know that some of you are all about our neon paints. If that is you, you could also make some bold and bright acorns. Use any color pallet that you love and then learn how to turn your eggs into acorns. Wow, that makes this project sound quite magical!

How to Make Fall Acorn Decorations

Learn how to make adorable fall acorns out of eggs, twine, and beautiful Pop of Color Paints!



  • Start by using your 1" brush to paint each egg the colors you've chosen. You will probably need two coats but the paint dries quickly! So you won't need to wait long between coats.
    I ended up thinking the Old Army Green was a bit too bold for my own decor so I mixed it with a little bit of Wet Sand. That gave it the more muted look that I was going for.
  • Once your paint is dry use the glue gun to add a dab of glue to the egg at about its center. Push the end of your jute string into the glue to secure it in place. Then start wrapping the jute around the egg making each row nice and tight against the one before it.
    Add a dab of glue now and then to secure the string in place. You will need to use the glue more often the closer you get to the top of the egg.
  • When the top of your egg has only a small opening left to cover, leave a little bit of a tail and trim your string. Then use the hot glue to attach your stem. Hold it in place for a minute to allow the glue to cool.
    Next finish gluing the string down, wrapping it around the stem a bit.


The Final Touches

It is not often that you find a project that only has three steps. That is one of the reasons that I wanted to try these acorns. With two small children, my crafting time is limited these days. But I was able to knock these cuties out during their naps and still had time left over! And that included heading outside to find a stick I could break apart and use as my acorn stems.

I really love the way these acorns turned out and I hope you have fun with them too! They are perfect for displaying in groups of 3 or more. Or you can stick them in and around your existing fall items. Wherever they end up I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


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