Learning How To Paint a Flower Bouquet with Chalk Paint
Learning How To Paint a Flower Bouquet with Chalk Paint

Learning How To Paint a Flower Bouquet with Chalk Paint

Shay Livenspargar is back with another fabulous painting tutorial! Today we are learning how to paint a flower bouquet with chalk paint and the results are beautiful! You can use this technique on literally any surface. And you probably will! 

Shay uses some of her favorite Pop of Color Shock Paints to paint flowers on a canvas. She shows us every step of her process and we are having so much fun learning how to paint a flower bouquet with chalk paint. One of the best things about this project is that we get to use so many different colors to bring the piece together.

In the video tutorial below, Shay shows us how fun and simple it is to add pops of color to our work. She explains how and why those pops draw the eye and add dimension to a piece. And, as with every time we get together with Shay, it’s a whole lotta fun! So grab your brushes and let’s get painting!


Learning How To Paint a Flower Bouquet with chalked paint

Learning How To Paint a Flower Bouquet with Chalk Paint

We started by saying that this technique is one that you can use on any surface. And Shay explains that that is absolutely true. If you are new to this type of technique, you may want to start by practicing on a piece of paper. That way you can play around with your colors. Make and fix mistakes. And really get a feel for how you like to paint your flowers.

Then, when you feel like you have a good handle on it, you can switch to whatever surface you like. And paint with confidence! Shay explains that, when you use our fabulous chalk paints, the flowers you paint will look the same on any surface you choose to work with. Because of the amazing coverage, your designs will look the same on a white canvas as they do on a wooden tray.

There is no need to use more paint on a darker surface. And no need to prime your surfaces either. That is one of our favorite things about our paints! They show up beautifully the first time, and every time! And they cover and blend like an dream. Let’s be real, even though we are admittedly a little biased, there are a lot of things to love about our fabulous refinishing paint!

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Learning How To Paint a Flower Bouquet with chalked paint

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Learning How To Paint a Flower Bouquet with Chalk Paint

Learn, step by step, how to paint beautiful flowers with chalk paint.


  • Use the Hot Pink and your small flat brush to make small half circles to form a wispy rose. Get a little bit of Pure White on your brush and blend it with the Hot Pink on your brush to get a lighter pink. Use that to add another layer of wispy half circles on your rose.
  • Repeat this process periodically throughout your canvas.
  • Next start adding the details to your flowers. Add bits of white and Hot Pink to your flowers to add another layer to the flowers.
  • Now use the Black to add centers to your flowers. Then use the Hot Pink and the Pure white again to add more details to your flowers in little moon strokes. Then add in some Hot Magenta details. Continue to add more layers of pink and white until you are happy with the results!


The Finishing Touches

No matter what surface you are painting your flowers on, don’t neglect the sides of your piece. Shat explains that it is important to continue your paint process on the edges and sides of your project. Not only does it complete your piece, it is another way to draw they eye and make your work pop!

To do this, use some of your darker colors to the sides of the canvas and up to the edge of the painting. You can use as many or as few colors as you want for your edges and sides. Then go back in and add any finishing details to your painting. This could be dots in groups of three, paint splashes, or little dabs of color.

You can add whatever you want to finish your painting. Shay even added some glitter to the center of her flowers. She just reminds us that it is important to make sure we are totally happy with our flowers before adding those final touches. A big thanks to Shay for sharing her time and talent with all of us. We hope you love this project as much as we do! Happy painting, friends!

Learning How To Paint a Flower Bouquet with chalked paint


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