Painting a Fall Themed Canvas
Painting a Fall Themed Canvas

Painting a Fall Themed Canvas

We have a really fun tutorial for you today! Morgan and Valeria are painting a fall themed canvas with Pop of Color Paints and they are showing us how to do it step by step. Even if you have never painted before, you will be able to complete this beautiful canvas yourself!

Morgan and Valeria have been coming up with some really fun painting tutorials for us. You probably already know this but Morgan is an experienced painter. She has taught several painting classes in the past. You know kind, where you get together with friends, sip some wine and get your paint on. And now Morgan is teaching us how to paint a fall themed canvas that is so fun to do and adorable when it is done!

And you do not need to be an experienced painter to do this project! Morgan breaks down each step for us and shows us exactly what to do. We promise that it’s as simple as being able to paint circles and rectangles. This painting looks beautiful and professional when it is finished but it is really just a series of painting very basic shapes. We won’t tell if you don’t! Grab your brushes, your favorite fall colors, and something tasty to sip and let’s get painting!

painting a fall themed canvas

Painting a Fall Themed Canvas

If you have ever wanted to be a painter but worried you didn’t have the necessary skills, this is the project for you! If you can dip a brush into paint, Morgan will be able to teach you how to make this beautiful painting! In the videos below, Morgan shows us exactly what to do to achieve fabulous results.

We have listed all of the colors that Morgan used for her painting so you can use the same if you want. But you can also swap out any colors that you want! Valeria made a beautiful Bordeaux pumpkin on her canvas. While other artists chose neons and pinks! You can also mix any of our fabulous paint colors together to come up with something that is completely your own. Morgan gives you the method, you get to bring the madness!

If you are loving the idea of step by step canvas painting we have another great tutorial for you too! Artist Misty Leonard taught us how to do a Halloween Themed Canvas Painting that was also a lot of fun. For other great fall project inspiration you can check out our post with DIY Fall Craft Ideas! Morgan and Valeria showed us how to make some really cute fall decor with some of our favorite fall colors.

For now though, let’s dive into the pumpkin painting fun! Check the supply list to see what you will need. Then follow along with Morgan and Valeria in the videos below. You can also refer back to any step you need to in the list of instructions we have provided. We can’t wait for you to get started!

painting a fall themed canvas

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

painting a fall themed canvas

Watch Part 2 of the Tutorial Here!

Painting a Fall Themed Canvas Supply List

Step by Step Instructions

  • Start by using your Medium Flat Brush to apply a base coat of Lamb’s Wool to the top 2/3 of the canvas. Make sure your brush strokes are all going the same direction. Paint the top and sides of the canvas too.
  • Next paint the bottom 1/3 of the canvas (along with the sides and bottom) with the Black.
  • Now it’s time to paint the lantern! Pour a little bit of Black and Cool White onto your plate. Then combine them together to make a dark grey.

  • Using the 1″ flat or the 3/4″ angle brush and the combined paint to paint on a largish rectangle coming up from the black paint on the right side of your canvas. Make the rectangle 3 sided with no line at the bottom. Then fill it in with the grey paint.
  • Next add a grey triangle to the top of your rectangle. Then come down about a 1/2″ and add a long thin rectangle.
  • Now use the small brush to add an oval at the top as your lantern handle.

  • It’s time for our first pumpkin now! Using the angled brush and the Light Turquoise, paint a circle/oval in the center of your canvas. It will overlap the lantern and the Black area a bit. Then fill it in with the paint.
  • Next add a small bump to the top of your pumpkin. Then make the sections of your pumpkin. To do this make a loop at the top and then make sort of an eye shape and fill it in. You will go a little above and below your original circle when you do this.
  • For the next pumpkin use the Orange Slice to make a section of pumpkin about half way down your Black and going off the side of the canvas. Then make another section a little lower than the last. Than add a third section in the same way.

  • Next use the Orange Slice again to make a figure 8 of sorts on the left side of your canvas with the top half in your Lamb’s Wool and the bottom half in the Black. Then fill it in. This will give you more of a tall gourd shape.
  • Now use the Bright Yellow to paint a rectangle in the middle of your lantern and fill it in.
  • Next use the black marker to outline the whole lantern and add your details. You can also use a dry brush and the Cool White to add in more details like Morgan shows us in the video.

  • Then use the black marker to outline the sections of your pumpkins and add the stem. Add a few random lines to each section to add detail. You can also use a dry brush and some green, white, or turquoise to add more texture.
  • Next use the angled brush and the Cool White to add in your flower buds. To do this, just dip the brush in the paint and then lay it onto the canvas. Make 4-5 buds for each stem that you want to add.
  • Then add a white pumpkin behind your Light Turquoise pumpkin and Orange Slice gourd. Add another small white pumpkin in front of your other pumpkins.

  • Next use the Bright Yellow to add your flowers in. Make 4-5 petals for each one.
  • Then use the black marker to out line the sections of your remaining pumpkins and add the detail lines and their stems. Then move on to outlining your flowers and adding the branches for your flower buds.

The Final Touches

And that is all there is to painting a fall themed canvas! In the pictures below you can see two different versions of the pumpkin and lantern painting. You can see how each artist brings their own vision to create something similar but also unique! We hope you love this project as much as we do. And we would really love to see your finished painting! Be sure to tag us on social media when you post them so we can check them out. In the mean time, have fun painting, friends!


Artist Brooke McIntire

Artist: Shay Livenspargar

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