Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas
Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Hi Pop Stars! Today Rick Cheadle of Cheadle Designs is back to show us another fabulous painting technique. We are learning all about using paint pouring techniques on canvas. This method is a whole lot of fun and the results are gorgeous!

We know that many of you are like us and love learning about painting from Rick. He has given us so many painting tips and tricks and is back to share more. Using paint pouring techniques on canvas can sound pretty intimidating. But, as usual, Rick breaks down each step into easily digestible portions for us.

Understanding what is happening at each point in the process gives us the confidence we need to dive in and give it a go. And, remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to painting. As long as paint makes it onto your intended canvas, you are on your way to success! So grab your brushes, your favorite Shock Paint, and Rick’s Mix and let’s get painting!

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Rick starts this project with a canvas that he snagged in an online auction. He then used Pop of Color Paints, Rick’s Mix, and acrylic paint pouring techniques to transform it into a beautiful new work of art. Rick has a great eye for seeing canvases or furniture pieces that have huge potential with a low price tag. He then works his magic and gives them a whole new beautiful life.

If you are already getting excited about new techniques for painting canvases, we have some other great tutorials for you to check out too! You can learn about Transforming a Garage Sale Canvas with Ombre Technique and How to Paint a Flower Bouquet with Chalk Paint. Both are great posts with a lot of tips, techniques, and other painting information!

Where to Find your Canvases

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Most of us have a favorite spot for picking up new canvases. But, if you think outside the box a little, you can find some amazing second hand canvases. And, many times, they are already sporting a great frame. And don’t let the term “canvas” limit you. You can, of course, use this technique on a traditional canvas. But you can also use it on furniture pieces and other flat surfaces.

Other than online auctions like Rick used for this project, you can also grab some make-overable pieces at yard sales, resale shops, and flea markets. Also, be sure keep your eyes pealed when you are out driving around. Sometimes you get lucky and find a piece that needs minimal repair on the side of the road. It happens that people don’t have the time or ability to sell or donate items they don’t need anymore.

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

So they put them out and it’s first come first serve. Sometimes they will be for a low price and other times they are free to the first person who is willing and able to haul them away. However you find your pieces, Rick always has some great ideas for how to make them over with paint! And, the longer you are on the hunt for great pieces to paint, the more they seem to jump right out for you. So keep hunting!

Tools for Paint Pouring

The tools you need to do acrylic paint pouring will vary depending on the project. It depends on the surface you will be covering, the overall look you are going for, and the materials you have on hand. Each piece done with paint pouring techniques is unique. You can never have the same result twice. Which is a big part of the fun!

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

For this project, Ricks main tools were a sink strainer of sorts and a heat gun. The holes in the strainer allow the different paint colors to combine and meet the paper in really cool ways! Then Rick uses the heat gun to spread the paint around and give it movement. The way the colors blend and the cells form make for some pretty spectacular art.

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

Learn how to create beautiful art using paint pouring techniques!


  • Start by adding brush strokes of Contour Shock Paint to your canvas and its frame. Then spray it with water and blend your paint while spreading it out. You aren't looking to completely cover your frame so use a light hand. This will give it a beautiful distressed look.
  • Continue to add paint and use the water to blend and spread it until your canvas is totally covered. Then allow it to dry.
  • Next, drizzle the Heavy White Rick's Mix onto your canvas while avoiding the very edge of the canvas. You want to leave an inch or so open around the edge.
  • Then use your brush to spread the Heavy White evenly across the majority of your canvas.
  • Next, pour a small amount of the Surfs Up into the sink strainer. Add a little bit Metallic Silver to the strainer. Then add some Lapis Blue and a little Alabaster White.
  • Now start to spin the strainer as you rotate it around the canvas from the center outward. Add more of each paint as you need to until you've covered a good portion of the white on your canvas. Then use a heat gun to start moving your paint around. Add more paint to your strainer and canvas if you need to, spreading it with the heat gun until the white portion is covered.
  • Use a tooth pick to add some swirling in some parts of your painting.
  • Allow your painting to dry for a couple of days and then add two layers of Pop Coat varnish to seal your creation.


Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas

The Finishing Touches

Thanks again to Rick for sharing his time and talent with us! We learned a lot from this paint pouring tutorial. It was fun to see fun new ways that we can work with color and paint.

If you love learning from Rick as much as we do you can find him on all the socials (links below). Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel so you can see all of his tutorials!

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Using Paint Pouring Techniques on Canvas


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