Why use a Chalk Paint Brush
Why use a Chalk Paint Brush

Why use a Chalk Paint Brush

With all the paint brushes available on the market, one of the questions we get asked is, “Does it really matter what paint brush I use when using chalk paint?” So today we are explaining why using a chalk paint brush is important for getting the best results with chalk paint.

Our chalk based furniture refinishing paint (aka Pop of Color Shock Paint) is amazing for a lot of reasons. It gives amazing coverage and a smooth matte finish that is perfect for refurbishing furniture. And lots of other fabulous projects too! Shock paint is also the perfect match for walls, canvases, and just about anything else that you can put a paint brush too.

It dries quickly so you can move on to the next steps of your project quickly. And there is no need to spend a lot of time prepping your piece. Because chalk paint loves to adhere to just about any surface. Since it’s so easy to use and covers so well, you may be wondering if you can grab any old brush to apply it.

And the answer is yes, you can. But using a chalk paint brush that is designed to go with chalk paint will hands down give you the best results. And we want to give our art the best chance to reach its potential. Which is why we reach for our premium chalk paint brushes every time. Once you give them a try, you will see why!

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Why use a Chalk Paint Brush

So, why use a chalk paint brush? There are a few different reasons.

High Quality Bristles

Just like with most things, paint brushes vary greatly in quality. You can paint with anything from a disposable foam or chip brush, to the best grade of bristle brush. Our premium chalk paint brushes are made of straight and firm high-quality polyester synthetic bristles. They are designed for water-based paints so you get a fabulous finish with minimal brush strokes, every time!

Using a brush with rough bristles will dig into the paint and leave rough brush strokes behind. Similarly, a brush with bristles that are too flexible will make it hard for you to get an even coverage the first time. It takes several more brush strokes to spread the paint and make it look nice. We make our chalk paint brushes with the perfect balance of flexibility and strength. That way you can save time, effort, and ultimately paint!

Designed with Chalk Paint in Mind

One of the reasons we started making our own paints was that we wanted consistent high-quality results from refinishing paint and we just weren’t finding it. So we started by making a paint we love, then made the perfect brushes to work with them. We are so happy with the way the two work together that it’s hard to stop painting!

Having the right tools for the right project is important. And premium chalk paint brushes are the right tools for all of your chalk paint creations.

In a nut shell (or a paint can, if you will). Our premium chalk paint combined with our high quality Shock Paints give you the best possible results. Because they were made for one another. Literally!

Chalk Paint Brushes have a Long Life

As artists, we tend to get attached to your brushes. We know them well and love each of them for different reasons. And we know exactly which one to grab to get the effect we are looking for. Consequently, it can feel like the loss of an old friend when one of those brushes wears out.

When you use a well made brush, however, you don’t have to worry about parting ways for a long time. With a little bit of care, you can be sure our chalk paint brushes will be there for you to grab. Time after time! And don’t worry, these brushes won’t need any extra attention than the others in your tool box. They don’t need much more than a good rinse and proper storage.

Want to learn more about How to Extend the Life of your Paintbrushes with Proper Care? We have a post for that too!

Not having to replace your brushes as often means that you will have more time and money to spend on other art supplies. Like that next quart of paint! And let’s face it, it’s always more fun to buy a new medium than new tools.

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The Finishing Touches

So the bottom line is, you can use any brush you have to paint with chalk paint. But, as forgiving as our Shock Paints are, you will get the best finished product when you use a chalk paint brush to apply it. A brush specifically designed to go with chalk paint will give you minimal brush strokes so you can achieve the perfect look with fewer strokes.

The high quality bristles of our premium chalk paint brushes also allow you to apply the paint evenly every time. And each brush has it’s own specialty. Some are perfect for covering large areas. Others get in all the nooks and crannies. While still others allow you to do perform fabulous painting techniques no matter what your canvas is.

Not sure How to Know Which Paint Brush is Right for Your Project? We can help with that too! And you can be sure that whichever of our brushes you use, it will be you sidekick for many many projects to come. Nothing gives you amazing artistic results like quality products. Which is why we always use chalk paint brushes with our favorite colors of Shock Paint!


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