• Vivid Violet consists completely of alike purple fine flakes exuberating in a deep brilliant purple. It has a strong reflective quality in low and intense lights. Direct light on this glitter results in an almost bright white with a hint of purple reflection; low light causes a more rich purple. This glitter is also consistent in color over white and black backgrounds. 2oz
  • Crystal Ocean is as fine of glitter as you can get. It being so small and thin allows for a variance in color depending on the thickness of this glitter. A thin layer results in a soft bright blue and as more glitter is applied it transforms into a rich electric blue. It reflects back a variety of blue hues under light from a deep dark cobalt graduating to a shiny bright light turquoise blue. Over a white background the blue flakes appear darker and less reflective. Over a dark backdrop the flakes appear brighter and have a greater variance in hue. 2oz
  • Silver Shimmer is an extremely varied glitter when it comes to flake shape and size. It has large chunky hexagonal flakes, smaller but still chunky diamond-shaped flakes, small fine circular flakes, and fine dust-like flakes. Clustered together this glitter has a silvering effect but each piece can reflect any “rainbow” color depending on light angle. It is fairly consistent over dark and light backgrounds, however, the small dust-like flakes are easily more visible over a dark background. The reflected hues of these flakes are rich in color. 2oz
  • Amber Horizon is a very small fine and bright dark amber/ burnt orange colored glitter. The glitter particles are all shiny and consistent in size and color. It has a golden to white shine or it reflects a soft orange glow depending on the intensity and angle of light cast upon it. This glitter is consistent in color over dark or light backgrounds. 2oz
  • Cornflower Confetti is a very rich and varied glitter. It displays beautiful hues of yellow, lime green, orange, emerald green, and a light to a dark cobalt blue. It has a strong reflective property that really makes the rich hues pop. Its varied flake sizes add dimension from the large hexagonal chunky flakes, the fine hexagonal flakes, and fine dust-like flakes. It’s very consistent over white and dark backgrounds and the strongest hues are rich blues and greens. 2oz
  • Cosmic Purple is a very diverse glitter in color, reflection, and in flake size. It mainly displays a rich purple or ruby red-like hue but you can find emerald greens, black, royal blue, orange, and pink color variations. Flakes are either very fine almost dust-like or just fine. All reflected colors are rich in hue and the hue appears stronger over a white background while those same hues have a “glow” effect over a dark background. This glitter quickly adds dimension and variety to any of its many applications. 2oz
  • Rose Gold is a fine reflective glitter. The glitter particles are consistent in color and in size. It has a rich dark reddish-pink hue with a metallic-like quality to it. It reflects a soft dark pink all the way to a bright white depending on the angle and intensity of the light. Its reflective property is intensified over a white background while the hue is intensified over a dark background. 2oz
  • Silver Starlight is a fine glitter that has a rainbow reflective effect under light. Depending on the light angle and intensity, you can expect to see all the bright color hues. When the glitter is scarcely applied it it loses its silver tone and what can be seen is a variety of colorful reflections. As the glitter thickens it starts to appear more silver while retaining its reflective properties. The glitter appears more silver over a black background and the fine particles are easier to see with the naked eye. A white background results in the softer colors in the glitter to become more visible. 2oz
  • Moondust is a fine reflective glitter with multiple variations of soft opaque colors such as opal, light purple, and light pink scattered within a primarily white body. Moondust does offer a small variety in size from very fine opaque colorful flakes to a slightly larger highly reflective flakes. When direct light hits the reflective flakes you can expect to see bright yellows and greens. The opaque flakes cast blue, pink, and purple hues under light. The glitter appears more green and yellow with its white body over a dark background and more blue and purple with a white body over a white background. 2oz
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    Ivory Sky has a variety of flake sizes and colors. It has large chunky hexagonal flakes that are opaque and reflective. It has mid-sized hexagonal shaped glitter that is also opaque and reflective. Finally, it has small dust-like flakes that add a little extra shimmer and dimension to the glitter. In close proximity the glitter appears mostly white with soft pastel colors of light green, light blue/blueish green, light pink, and light purple. These flakes are opaque and reflective and have entirely different looks over white and dark backgrounds. Over a dark background, you can expect more greens and yellows to pop out, while a white background allows for the pinks and purples to make their appearance. 2oz
  • Blue Oasis consists of two different sizes of glitter flakes. One is a chunky hexagonal flake that when clustered together exhibits a light rich cold blue hue with reflective properties. The smaller hexagonal flakes have the same color and reflective properties as the larger flakes and add variety and dimension to the glitter. Soft pastel colors are reflected under low light while bright blues, pinks, and gold are reflected under direct light. In large quantities this glitter doesn’t change properties over different colored backgrounds. However, if it is sparsely applied it appears pink, orange, and purple (pastel-like) over white, and light blue and purple (pastel-like) over a dark background. 2oz
  • Shiny Cerulean is a rich brilliant blue glitter with hues from light to dark blue. It is consistent in size as a fine glitter. This glitter clustered together creates darker richer blues with a small variation of lighter blues depending on the light source. Thinner applications result in a lighter appearance. Over a dark or light surfaces, this glitter displays its hues clearly and its reflective properties create a broad range of blue hues. 2oz