Hard Cast Casting Resin – 12oz Kit

Hard Cast Casting Resin – 12oz Kit

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This product kit includes (1) 8 oz  Hard Cast Casting Resin Part A and (1) 4 oz Part B Hardener.

Hard Cast is VOC free and specifically developed for casting artists that want an extra hard, durable resin.  Hard Cast can be poured 1-1/2″ to 2″ deep.  It’s great for large projects like river tables.

Work time varies with your environment but is generally at least 45 minutes or more.

Cures to the touch in 48 hours, complete cure in 7 days.

8 oz Part A & 4 oz Part B, mix 2:1  (Please see “How to Use” tab below for full instructions)


* If you’re new to our brand it’s recommended you mix no less than 2 oz of resin to avoid sticky, soft or uncured resin.  Mixing larger amounts helps ensure your measurements are exact.

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mica and inks.u00a0 It's not recommended you use Culture Cast for functional art (catch-all dishes etc) as it may mar the surface.u00a0 Being a softer resin Culture Cast is super easy to sand and buff to get that glass finish.rnrnHard Cast is a very thin resin almost like water

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