UV Resistant Counter Cast – 1 Gallon

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This product kit includes (1) 1/2 gallon Culture Cast Casting Resin Part A and (1) 1/2 gallon Part B Hardener.

Counter Cast is a ultra clear, VOC free casting resin.  This resin is great for preserving flowers in deep molds. It may remain flexible in a shallow pour such as coasters, The hardness of Counter Cast is between Culture Cast and Hard Cast.

Cures to the touch in 24 hours, with a complete cure in 7 days.

Product Description: Counter Cast is designed specifically for casting artists. Resin will produce a crystal-clear cast in 24 hours. Max casting depth is 1/2’’.

(Please see “How to Use” tab below for full instructions)


* Recommended to mix NO LESS than 2 oz of resin together to avoid sticky, soft or uncured resin.

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