16oz Marble Paint Bundle System

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Marble Paint Bundle Includes: Stick Tight! and Quick Coat.

Special application instructions for Marble paints: After you have cleaned your work, apply Stick Tight, then you will want to apply Quick Coat.


Coverage: It is recommended that a minimum of 2 layers of Quick Coat be applied to ensure 100% coverage.

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Apply a very thin layer of Quick Coat to your work with a brush or your gloved finger.  After the first layer is dry to the touch, apply a second layer in the same fashion as the first.

Make certain Quick Coat is completely dry before applying resin.  You can use a dryer or heat gun to speed up this process.

Quick Coat is a VOC free clear, non-yellowing sealer.  It makes the perfect surface for your next layer of resin.

Use to seal marble dips, glitter, vinyl and decals.

You can also use a Quick Coat to apply glitter and fabric.

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Dimensions 6 × 1.5 × 1 in
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then you will want to apply Quick Coat. </span>rnrn<span data-verified=""redactor"" data-redactor-tag=""span"" data-redactor-style=""font-size: 20px;"">STICK TIGHT:</span>rnrnSurface Prep:u00a0 All surfaces must be clean and free of dust or oil before application.rnrnDIRECTIONS:u00a0 Use a soft cloth or brush to apply.u00a0 Continuously scrub in Stick Tight to the surface to ensure good coverage.u00a0 Do not let the solution dry


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