UV Lamp 36W
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UV Lamp 36W

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A 36w UV lamp for UV resin art

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Our lamp used to cure UV Resin,  has 23 – 1.6W LED beads for a total of 36.8W!  It’s oversized to accommodate your bigger projects and has foldable legs for easy storage or to keep them out of the way when you need to hold it over your art. Press the button once and the lamp will power on for 30 seconds, press again for the 60 second cycle.

Did you know that UV Resin cures best under a lamp that uses 1.6W LED beads and that’s what most lamps use?  So count the LED beads, multiply by 1.6 to know what your true lamp wattage is.

UV Resin is required for the UV Lamp.

*See our pictures that compare the size and the number of LED beads between our lamp and others.

Weight 0.526 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 1 × 6.75 in

8 reviews for UV Lamp 36W

  1. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    The cord is very short which makes it hard to use. Not many other cords work with it either.

  2. angelamburke (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! I’ve tried many lamps before ccdiy and this lamp is like magic!

  3. angelamburke (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! I’ve tried many lamps before ccdiy and this lamp is like magic!

  4. Megean Tibbles (verified owner)

    I have two of these I love using them when making pens and tumbler toppers.

  5. Katie Evans

    The best uv light I’ve used. I bought others on Amazon and they did not cure as well as this light does. I received this item as a gift at a connect and create event I attended and it truly works great.

  6. Brooke McIntire (verified owner)

    These lamps are so compact and portable but pack a big punch. It cures anything I throw at it and is so versatile and easy to set up for optimal coverage. I prop it up over tumblers when I need it for them, and have even been known to lay it on its side for taller items. If you are creative enough, you can figure out ways to use it on all sorts of shapes and sizes! And when you’re done, fold the legs in and store it in the smallest of spaces! I live in a RV so this thing is amazing for me!

  7. jessica_loves_joey

    This uv lamp is great! I use mine so much. It has never given me any issues. It cures the uv resin within a few minutes and the resin cures hard and shiny. This is the first uv lamp I bought and I’ve never had to buy another one. I’ve had it for at least a few years and it still works great. Very reliable.

  8. Nicole

    I love this lamp! It’s lightweight and not bulky so it’s easy to store when I’m not using it. The legs fold up so I can use the lamp for different projects. I like to fold them up so I can use the lamp vertically when using the water method. It has also outlasted two other lamps I’ve had.

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