UV Resin – 4oz
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UV Resin – 4oz

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UV Resin is perfect for small projects! Pour it into a mold, or use it as a quick-drying adhesive for parts of your project! Make keychains, ornaments, jewelry, and other small pieces in minutes. UV Resin cures when placed under a UV Lamp. Works best with transparent molds, and when poured in thin layers.

For a complete beginner’s guide, check out our Ultimate Guide to UV Resin!

Adding colorants to UV Resin may require a longer cure time. Mix in some of our Spectrum Dye colorants for best results! Looking for a kit with the lamp included? Check out our UV 4oz Bundle.

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4 reviews for UV Resin – 4oz

  1. Christina Price (verified owner)

    I have used several other UV resins and none of them would dry hard. This by far is the best UV resin I have ever used and will not buy elsewhere. I used my 48W LED nail lamp and it cured like a champ. A few thin coats and good to go. Highly recommend.

  2. Brooke McIntire

    This is simply the best UV resin I have used. I tried several others and gave up after a while, deciding to just use regular resin and wait in it to cure. Cue CCDIY and their ingenious ideas. This resin has a much lower odor than others and cures nice and hard and dry in under 2 minutes. Every single other UV Resin I have used was still tacky no matter how much I cured it. This is my favorite resin and CCDIY product. I use it for everything! To seal in projects, to repair household items, to make unique designs inside regular resin projects… there’s just not a whole lot it can’t do lol!

  3. tluthro

    Absolutely love their UV resin. It’s the only one I use. Never have had any issues with it.

  4. Cayla Brooks

    CcDiY UV ReSiN has changed my life in crafting from a small drip to a mold!!! Love what you can do with UV Resin!! Best UV around!!!!! Cures to a perfection!! Easy to work with!!!

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