UV Resin – 8oz
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UV Resin – 8oz

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UV Resin is perfect for small projects! Pour it into a mold, or use it as a quick-drying adhesive for parts of your project! Make keychains, ornaments, jewelry, and other small pieces in minutes. UV Resin cures when placed under a UV Lamp. Works best with transparent molds, and when poured in thin layers.

For a complete UV Resin beginner’s guide, check out our Ultimate Guide to UV Resin!

Adding colorants to UV Resin may require a longer cure time. Mix in some of our Spectrum Dye colorants for best results! Looking for a kit with the lamp included? Check out our UV 8oz Bundle.


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6 reviews for UV Resin – 8oz

  1. Rebecca Adams

    CCDIY UV Resin is wonderful! Easy to work with. Clear finish. Great for doming small products. Cures under UV light, if you have added pigments you may want to cure longer uner light. I always let my project set for 12-24 hours to allow it to fully cure solid. I will not use any other UV Resin!

  2. okayforme2010 (verified owner)

    I have tried many! Brands of uv resin and this is my all time favorite. I won’t use another brand,

  3. doodleduck70

    I’ve tried several other brands but this UV resin is best hands down. Cures well and is so easy to work with. I’ll never buy another brand.

  4. tluthro (verified owner)

    Absolutely love their UV resin. It’s the only one I use. As soon as they came out with a bigger bottle I had to get it. Never have had any issues with it.

  5. amber.martin85 (verified owner)

    Looking for UV Resin look no further I have tried several brands and this one are by far my favorite go to uv resin. It only take just a small amount and goes along ways and gives such a glass like finish with no bubbles. Cures quick and none sticky.

  6. esandoval0710 (verified owner)

    CCDIY uv resin is hands down the best resin. I’ve bought so many amazon uv resins and none of them would cure properly, not even under the light for 5 minutes. CCDIY uv resin only takes me 60-120 seconds max.

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