UV Resin + Lamp Bundle
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UV Resin + Lamp Bundle

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UV Resin is perfect for small projects! Pour it into a mold, or use it as a fast-curing adhesive for parts of your project! Make keychains, ornaments, jewelry, and other small pieces in minutes. UV Resin cures when placed under a UV Lamp. Works best with transparent molds, and when poured in thin layers.


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21 in stock

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4 reviews for UV Resin + Lamp Bundle

  1. Jennifer Weddle

    I love this bundle! The light is strong and the uv resin is fantastic

  2. tluthro

    Absolutely love their UV resin. It’s the only one I use. Never have had any issues with it. Love you get this as a set that includes a light.

  3. Renebott

    I never thought I would buy UV resin but I did and I love it for a quick first layer for glitter to dome mold to make molds and for other fun little stuff quick and easy love it

  4. Rose Payne

    THIS! I love this UV resin as it is so easy to use finishes with the best shine! I use it for all my pens and some of the “glue” work for other things like when adding a “handle” onto tumblers. Actually this stuff is amazing for use when adding things that you might use a bit of glue for. I add fishing lures to tumblers and this stuff is so easy to use for that, I just drop it on and use the uv light to flash cure then set it in the sun when finished and let it cure completely then finish up with the Medium resin. I have added lots of mediums to it and it is so easy because it cures so quickly that you can move on to another right away. The finish is very smooth and shines like glass. I use a small lighter for a quick burst to pop any bubbles which is not often. I use it for domes on key chains and for topping off pop sockets and jewelry, gives an awesome finish to things like coasters as well.

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