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UV Resin is perfect for small projects! Pour it into a mold, or use it as a fast-curing adhesive for parts of your project! Make keychains, ornaments, jewelry, and other small pieces in minutes. UV Resin cures when placed under a UV Lamp. Works best with transparent molds, and when poured in thin layers.

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Counter Culture DIY UV Resin is a high-quality, medium-viscosity synthetic resin that hardens quickly under UV light. This crystal-clear resin is perfect for various crafts and DIY projects, including jewelry making, encapsulating objects, and small item casting. It offers a fast curing time of 2-4 minutes under UV light, making it a favorite among beginners and professionals.

  • Cures Solid in around 2 Minutes
  • Crystal Clear Finish
  • Non-sticky Finish
  • Extremely Durable

Features and Benefits: Our UV resin is designed to be safe, and easy to use. Its medium viscosity ensures easy handling, and it’s compatible with a variety of molds, pigments, and additives. The resin is durable, waterproof, and resistant to yellowing and scratching, ensuring long-lasting creations. It’s also self-leveling which reduces the need for post-curing finishing. Moreover, its low odor makes it more comfortable to use compared to traditional resins.

How it works: The resin can be easily applied to the desired surface or mold, then exposed to UV light or direct sunlight for curing. Once cured, it can be removed from the mold or finished as desired. For best results, use in a well-ventilated area and follow safety guidelines like wearing protective gear and avoiding skin contact.

Our UV Resin comes in various sizes, ranging from 4oz to 32oz, in an easy-to-use bottle with a precision nozzle for accurate application.

Ideal for those who value efficiency and quality in their craft projects, Counter Culture DIY UV Resin offers a quick and reliable solution for resin-based creations.

For a complete beginner’s guide, check out our Ultimate Guide to UV Resin!

Adding colorants to UV Resin may require a longer cure time. Mix in some of our Spectrum Dye colorants for best results! Looking for a kit with the lamp included? Check out our UV 4oz Bundle.

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21 reviews for UV Resin

  1. amberkazmir (verified owner)

    I LOVE this UV resin! It is the only one I will use now for my badge reels. Cures crystal clear and holds up extremely well!

  2. Jessica creations by j&r (verified owner)

    Amazing product and faster shipping

  3. Melissa Reid (verified owner)

    This UV Resin is by far the best I have used!! It’s thick, very little odor, and cures perfectly every time.

  4. Aleida (verified owner)

    Really, Really like this uv resin. Before this one had tried many different ones when I got to this one I love it, cure string never had a problem.

  5. Kriss Hellvig (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this resin! It’s the perfect consistency every time! I use it for badge reels, jewelry, key chains, pens, night lights, or even coasters if I need them quickly!

  6. Rebecca Adams

    CCDIY UV Resin is wonderful! Easy to work with. Clear finish. Great for doming small products. Cures under UV light, if you have added pigments you may want to cure longer uner light. I always let my project set for 12-24 hours to allow it to fully cure solid. I will not use any other UV Resin!

  7. Jimmie Mitchell (verified owner)

    UV Resin has helped me take my TOT down from 3 days to ONE!! Absolutely LOVE this product and recommend it to everyone. My Trauma Shears are coated in 4 layers of the UV Resin and withstand all the Nurse stuff!

  8. Carrie Witwer (verified owner)

    Hands down my favorite UV Resin. I’ve tried others from Amazon and they stay tacky. I only buy the 32oz size anymore because of how much I use it and that’s often out if stock, so it should tell you how good it is lol

  9. okayforme2010 (verified owner)

    I have tried many! Brands of uv resin and this is my all time favorite. I won’t use another brand,

  10. Christina Price (verified owner)

    I have used several other UV resins and none of them would dry hard. This by far is the best UV resin I have ever used and will not buy elsewhere. I used my 48W LED nail lamp and it cured like a champ. A few thin coats and good to go. Highly recommend.

  11. Brooke McIntire (verified owner)

    This is simply the best UV resin I have used. I tried several others and gave up after a while, deciding to just use regular resin and wait in it to cure. Cue CCDIY and their ingenious ideas. This resin has a much lower odor than others and cures nice and hard and dry in under 2 minutes. Every single other UV Resin I have used was still tacky no matter how much I cured it. This is my favorite resin and CCDIY product. I use it for everything! To seal in projects, to repair household items, to make unique designs inside regular resin projects… there’s just not a whole lot it can’t do lol! I like to buy both the 16oz size and the 4oz size so that I can use the 16oz (or 32oz when it’s in stock) to refill thr 4oz bottles since they are easier to handle. I store thr, upside down for easier dispensing and less air bubbles.

  12. doodleduck70

    I’ve tried several other brands but this UV resin is best hands down. Cures well and is so easy to work with. I’ll never buy another brand.

  13. tluthro (verified owner)

    Absolutely love their UV resin. It’s the only one I use. As soon as they came out with a bigger bottle I had to get it. Never have had any issues with it.

  14. ginmathes (verified owner)

    I love this product! I have used others, but this one is the best. It goes on easily, no fighting with the bottle to get the product out. Cleans off without a fuss. But what I like most is the fact that once cured, it has NO SMELL. With that said,it has only a very slight smell before cured. Other products stink going on and continue to stink once cured. Not good for sales!

  15. jessica_loves_joey

    This is my absolute favorite uv resin. It’s perfect for pens, badge reels and a top layer for keychains and molds. It really doesn’t get many bubbles but if it does get a few bubbles they are easily popped with some heat. It cures hard and shiny.

  16. Cayla Brooks

    CcDiY UV ReSiN has changed my life in crafting from a small drip to a mold!!! Love what you can do with UV Resin!! Best UV around!!!!! Cures to a perfection!! Easy to work with!!!

  17. amber.martin85 (verified owner)

    Looking for UV Resin look no further I have tried several brands and this one are by far my favorite go to uv resin. It only take just a small amount and goes along ways and gives such a glass like finish with no bubbles. Cures quick and none sticky.

  18. esandoval0710 (verified owner)

    CCDIY uv resin is hands down the best resin. I’ve bought so many amazon uv resins and none of them would cure properly, not even under the light for 5 minutes. CCDIY uv resin only takes me 60-120 seconds max.

  19. Nicole (verified owner)

    Hands down the best UV Resin! I tried so many others before landing on CCDIY. Others might work but then the next bottle wouldn’t work. I love that every bottle of CCDIY, no matter the size, the UV resin has always been consistent in quality. Once cured it’s a beautiful clear glass like finish. I use it for a lot of things but I use the majority on pens. I love how durable they are with this resin.

  20. Keri Jones (verified owner)

    I cannot praise this resin enough. It is absolutely the best! I have tried every other well known UV resin. They do not compare! CCDIY gives me the best finish, no bubbles, excellent shine, and it cures rock hard. I use this primarily to make badge reel toppers. It is the PERFECT viscosity for them. A few pointers: After I receive a new bottle, I open the top and let it *de-gas* for several hours before I start crafting. This seems to help reduce bubbles prior to application. Once I actually start applying my UV resin to my acrylic badges, I like to quickly go over it once with a butane torch…wait about 30 sec then make one final pass with the torch. The bubbles completely disappear. I then put it under a 36W UV lamp for exactly 2 min. PERFECTION.EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I literally love this stuff!

  21. Rose Payne (verified owner)

    Best UV resin ever! Easy to work with awesome finish. Love the BIG bottle!

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