6 DIY Resin Coaster Tutorials
6 DIY Resin Coaster Tutorials

6 DIY Resin Coaster Tutorials

The amazing resin artists in our community have been treating us to some fabulous coaster tutorials! We wanted to share some of our favorites and make them easy for you to find, all in one place. So, today we are sharing 6 DIY Resin Coaster tutorials that you are sure to love! 

When it comes to resin art, there is no shortage of techniques and methods that you can try. But, sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. And, other times, we see an amazing design but aren’t sure how to go about trying something similar. Resin art tutorials are so fun to watch but they also give us inspiration and know how. We are so grateful to all you artists who so graciously share your talent and processes with us and each other! Today we are excited to bring you 6 DIY resin coaster tutorials that are all as beautiful and unique as the artists who created them! 


6 DIY Resin Coaster Tutorials

We are so blessed with artists who put so much love and time into their art and their teaching. It means that we can bring you quality information and steps that are easy to follow. Not to mention the beautiful pieces you will be able to create! When you click on any of these tutorials, you’ll find the video tutorial, supply list, and step by step instructions. You’re sure to find something that will inspire you and we hope you enjoy these resin craft ideas as much as we do!


How to Make Flower Coasters

how to make flower coasters

Sandra Lett recently treated us to a fabulous tutorial. She showed us how to make beautiful resin flower coasters that even include a dainty dried flower at the center. We are mentioning this coaster design first because it is perfect for anyone who is new to resin or resin coasters. Sandra gets back to basics in her video and gives some great tips about working with resin! 


Poxy Sculpt Resin Coaster Tutorial

poxy sculpt resin coaster tutorial

These resin coasters by Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove are truly unique! She used our Poxy Sculpt to create beautiful 3D coasters. She is calling these her “cake topper coasters” because she used some cake decorating supplies to make them. The process is really fun and, if you really like to get your hands into your art, this is the resin coaster for you! 


How to Make 3D Flower Coasters

how to make 3d flower coasters

how to make 3d flower coasters

These beautiful 3D flower coasters are a fabulous addition to any coaster line up! Karen Horvath of MG Creations by Karen shows us how to make these beauties and we love the way they turned out. Karen was new to coasters when she shared this resin tutorial with us so it’s another great tutorial for beginners. Karen shares some great coaster tips and uses her teacher skills to make this a very easy to follow tutorial!

Making Poinsettia Coasters

It may not be Christmas season yet but it’s never to early to start thinking about your holiday designs! As creatives who sell our handmade items we always need to be a season ahead to keep up with our customers needs. These beautiful poinsettia coasters are a great project to help ease you into crafting for this year’s holiday season. Oh that red and gold combo, it’s so gorgeous!

Mosaic Style Coaster Tutorial

mosaic style coaster tutorial

We love this mosaic coaster tutorial because it is unique and beautiful! If you’ve never played with painted glass and crystals, this is a great project for you to try. You can use lots of colors or only a few, the details are all up to you! This is one of those projects that is also therapeutic. Placing the glass is sort of like a puzzle and has a way of taking your mind off of your troubles. Plus, the finished coasters are fabulous! 

Making Rose Quartz Coasters

making rose quartz coasters

Making rose quartz coasters

These gorgeous rose quartz coasters are so elegant! They may look complicated to make but really aren’t. The marbled look is very forgiving which makes it easy to achieve. You really can’t mess them up. It’s also a fun project to do! Just a few colors and some fabulous layers and you’ll have an amazing set of coasters. Finish them up with some gold edging and they are extra special. You can also change up the colors to achieve a slightly different marbled look. 

And a bonus tutorial…

Making a Resin Coaster Holder

making a resin coaster holder

making a resin coaster holder

You’ve made some beautiful coasters for yourself (or your customers) and now what? Making a resin coaster holder is a fabulous way to display your coasters when they aren’t in use! And, it’s a piece of beautiful art in its own right. You can either make your coaster holder match a specific set of coasters or you can use more generic colors so that it can display any set.  However you decide to use it, the coaster caddy mold is a must have for coaster artists!

The Wrap Up…

We hope you found something you love in this coaster tutorial round up! There are definitely some fun and unique designs to try. From flower coasters to 3D designs, our resin artists never disappoint with their creativity and teaching ability! We can’t wait to hear which designs you’re excited to try and see your beautiful results. Have fun creating, friends!

sandra lett

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