Kids (and the young at heart!) are looking forward to Halloween. They are getting their scary costumes ready and thinking about filling their trick-or-treat bags with all the yummy candy and sweets.  

Aside from candies and all the hype, Halloween decorations add spookiness to the occasion. That’s why today, I’m going to make ghosts using cheesecloth. I’m going to coat them using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin for gloss and added protection. By doing this, I can give versatile shape to the ghosts and make them waterproof so that you can display them indoors or outdoors!

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is super easy to use and your kids will love the ghosts that you create.  

First, you need a plain white balloon, some yogurt containers, and tape to make a stand. Put together each container, then place the balloon on top (this will serve as the head of the ghost). Secure them using tape.  Remember to use different sizes of balloons and containers so you can create a family of ghosts. 

Apply some Vaseline on the balloon. This will make the cheesecloth easier to remove from the balloon when finished.  Place the cheesecloth over the whole stand, and let the extra cloth drape into the base to serve as a stand. 

Mix equal portions of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and hardener in a container. Scrape off the bottom and sides of the container to make sure everything is incorporated.

Start pouring the resin on top of the balloon. Let the resin flow down into the base. Using a gloved hand, drag the resin down all the way to the bottom. Make sure that the base of the cheesecloth has enough resin on it so that it will stand on its own once cured.

Another way to do this is to crumple the cheesecloth, dip it into the solution, then squeeze out excess resin. When the whole thing is covered, spread the fabric and then set it into your stand. This method is less messy and you don’t need as much resin.

Let your work cure for 24 hours.

Take out the stand. What you get are stiff cheesecloths that are shaped like ghosts. Use a marker pen to draw eyes and brows to make them super cute for Halloween!