Alcohol Ink

Alcohol Ink

It is our passion here at CCDIY to bring you amazing products that fit all of your artistic needs. One of the ways we do that is by offering several different types of colorants. Each one is unique and designed for a specific use. Today we are talking all about…

If you always fancy how alcohol ink on yupo paper can be elevated to the next level, Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin can help you achieve just that. Our product is easy to use, hazard-free, and gives you that glossy finish that makes colors come alive! To begin with, we…

Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder on Ink Clay

In our previous blogs, we have written reviews and ways on how to use the Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder. Mica powders are crystal-like powders that enhance and give shimmer on your artwork, creating more depth and professional-looking finish. For this blog, we will be showing you how to apply…

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