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Tips in Packing Resin Art for Shipping

Many of our artists create a piece to give as a gift or sell to their patrons. When packing the item, it is important to use the correct materials to prevent the artwork from being damaged. Before packing your piece, keep the following tips in mind:   Ensure that the…

How to Make Glitter Tumblers

Tired of staring at your boring tumblers? Or you want to create a personalized glitter tumbler as a gift? Don’t worry, creating glitter tumblers is easy. Here is the step-by-step to have your own glitter tumbler: (Note: Estimated time working: 30 mins. Additional time for curing: 10 hours)  What you…

Remember the protagonist in the movie “Ratatouille” who thinks he can’t cook until he sees a rat cooking? Sometimes, we are that pessimist cook. We think that we can’t be creative. For many, creativity is a give given to a special set of people only.  While it is true that…

How to Glitter and Resin a Tumbler

There is always something magical about glitters that command attention. If anything that sparkles is your thing, then what a better way to glitter and resin stainless steel! In this tutorial, you will need the following: –    a not so expensive tumbler (since you’re just experimenting on it on the…

3 Most Common Mistakes Made by Newbie Resin Artists

If you’ve been following our blogs, you heard us say how easy it is to use Artist Resin. While it’s true, the newbies are somehow exempted to the rule. Here are three issues that people encounter when they first try using resin, follow along so that you will know how…

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