Counter Culture DIY

Counter Culture DIY
Coating Leaves with Resins

Fall inspires so many creative art project ideas. The beautiful colors and textures lend themselves to amazing artwork. Today we are showing you how to make a beautiful fall project by coating leaves in resin.  As artists we can appreciate that nature is truly art in itself. Watching the leaves…

Have you found yourself with the perfect tumbler design or jewelry sketch in mind but get stuck deciding which resin to use? Unsure if you should use artist resin or casting resin to bring your ideal creation to life? We are here to help you determine which resin is just…

What Are The Benefits Of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin?

Well, we cannot claim that our product can save the world from total devastation. But we can say that choosing Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is one of the best decisions that you can ever make.  This is why. Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is created by artists, for artists.…

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