Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making

Supply list: Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Marmalade – Intense Color Silicone Mat (with a raised design) Sculpting Clay Basic clay tools Craft heat tool Metal cuff bracelet blank Resin measuring cups Pipettes Stir sticks Wet/dry sandpaper: 180 grit and 400 grit Elastic bands Packing tape/Painters tape Ruler Utility knife…

Making a Multi-Colored Resin Jewelry Using Artist Resin

Lately, I’ve been wondering what gifts I give to my nieces. They are growing up right before my eyes and I feel like I need to give them something really special. It turns out that they like jewelry, even the cheapest of sorts. They collect bracelets and necklace made from…

How to Use Artist Resin in Making Earrings

Yes, you can make stunning earrings using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and it is very easy. Imagine making your own golden earrings for less than $5.00 a pair! You can create geometric-shaped earrings by using small circle shaped rings and add embellishments using resin and metallic powder. Here are…

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