Mica Pigment

Mica Pigment

Mica powder is a lightweight, soft, and smooth material that produces a metallic-like finish on any surface. Adding it into resin is a technique used for creating depth and complexity to the cured coating. It is the best alternative to other colorants (pigments, ink) for crafts that require a particular…

Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder on Ink Clay

In our previous blogs, we have written reviews and ways on how to use the Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder. Mica powders are crystal-like powders that enhance and give shimmer on your artwork, creating more depth and professional-looking finish. For this blog, we will be showing you how to apply…


Mica powder is an art tool and ingredient that is similar to watercolor or crayons. The difference is that it is a colored powder and is usually tapped over an inked or tacked design just like glitters. It is made up of natural crystals, so it gives out a shimmering…

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