quick coat

quick coat

Counter Culture DIY products are always made with our artist’s needs in mind. When Barry designed Stick Tight it was to solve a problem for tumbler makers. Effect like fish eyes can happen when there are contaminates on your tumbler layers but we can take care of that for you.…

We often get asked about how to use CCDIY Quick Coat and today we are giving you the dish (or, if you prefer, the tea) on all the amazing things that you can use Quick Coat for! When we think about developing products we always have our artists’ needs at…

How to Use Counter Culture DIY Stick Tight and Quick Coat

One of the biggest concerns our newbie customers have is how to use our Counter Culture DIY Stick Tight and Quick Coat. These two products are highly recommended if you are working with materials that may repel your epoxy. They are specially formulated so your finished product can have that…

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