How to Clean Epoxy Resin

This is one of the most common questions that our customers would ask us. To clean your artwork and maintain its luster, you need to treat the resin like a glass. Meaning, all you need is a clean cloth (chamois-a fabric used for cleaning cars is great!) and a glass…

Making a Resin Waterfall

Creating a miniature waterfall can be a beautiful addition to your desk. Or it can be a great gift for a friend as a keepsake.  For this project, you will need: Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Mixing cups and stir sticks Gloves Scallop or cockle shells Clear plastic wrap Small…

How to Clean Artist Resin Tools and Your Hands

One thing that might concern you when you use Artist Resin products is how you will clean your tools after doing your artwork. Well, our items are designed to make cleaning your tools and your hands easier. Here are some tips to help you:    Wipe them off with paper towels.…

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