What’s with Counter Culture: An Artist Testimonial
What’s with Counter Culture: An Artist Testimonial
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What’s with Counter Culture: An Artist Testimonial

 “Ever since I’ve started using Counter Culture DIY Resin, my artworks have become more beautiful because its luster never fades”, says Anna Badidis, an artist who was struggling to find the best resin before she had her eye on our product. “I mean, it’s so easy to use and the end-result always amazes me and my patrons,” she added.

Like most resin artists, Anna was once looking for a material that could help her protect and glamorize her work. She would always try any new product in the market, hoping that it would be the ultimate solution for all her resin-related woes. “Before using Counter Culture products, I ran through a lot of issues like cracking, gloss-loss, yellowing, etc. I’ve tried using almost all the brands that I could find but none of them worked”, she lamented.

After discovering Counter Culture DIY Resin online, she used some of our products and did not stop since then. She is very comfortable using them now that she feels like she can no longer start doing her craft without them. “I think this brand actually sums up who I am as an artist- an expression of my imagination encapsulated in timeless beauty!”

Anna uses most of our products for her artwork. She tried Culture Cast Casting Resin when she was just starting since she was experimenting with its results. She learned that it can give her different types of surfaces, depending on the amount of resin and the technique used. Today, she uses it to give shiny molds in her paintings.

Just like Anna, you too can also be a pro resin artist. Counter Culture DIY Resin is so easy to use, and we have blogs to help you get started.

But first, we want to get you acquainted with our main products and how to use them. (Note: All of our items are tested safe for home use even without a respirator)

  1.   Artist Resin– Our Artist Resin and Culture Cast-Casting resin is all you need to protect your work and make it look like a million bucks! Yes-it adds depth and value to your craft!
  2.     Intense Colors- We have a collection of different colors that you can work on your resin art! Choose the color combination that you like from our gallery. (click here)
  3.   “No More Dimples” Art Primer– is designed to coat your acrylic pour after it has cured and before your resin coat. This urethane primer will isolate contaminants and create a consistent surface for your resin to flow out perfectly. Art primer greatly increases adhesion between the resin and your art.
  4.   White Mica

Use White Mica in epoxy, and then add any Dispersion Color or Intense Color to make a custom-colored metallic epoxy. For the most vibrant color and effect use this product with Extreme Colors.

So, are you feeling excited about your own resin art? We hope our products from Counter Culture DIY Resin can help you get started!

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