Can You Be Creative?
Can You Be Creative?

Can You Be Creative?

Remember the protagonist in the movie “Ratatouille” who thinks he can’t cook until he sees a rat cooking?

Sometimes, we are that pessimist cook. We think that we can’t be creative. For many, creativity is a give given to a special set of people only. 

While it is true that some people are better in arts that the others, it doesn’t mean that creativity is an exclusive skill. In fact, psychologists point out that being artistic can be learned and honed. Here is what they say about the creative process:

Step 1: Preparation

At this stage, you encounter a problem. Then you think of specific plans on how to solve the problem. For example, you are given a blank sheet of paper. You realize that you want to make it attractive so you analyze what to draw, how to draw it, what colors to use, etc.

Step 2: Incubation

Here, you inculcate your brain to produce “creative juices” to help you imagine the process and the outcome. This is the step where you keep on adding up ideas on how to get the work done.

Step 3: Illumination

In step two, your ideas might still be jumbled. Illumination is the stage where your ideas are being organized to make a smooth flow of imagination. This process can happen in a snap, like while driving home, you instantly realized what colors to mix to achieve a wonderful painting.

Step 4: Evaluation

This is the stage when you weigh in the pros and cons of your plan. If you are not certain, asking advice from the experts is always a good idea. In other words, this is the step where you take all the possibilities before executing your ideas.

Step 5: Implementation

This is the process when you put your ideas into action. At this stage, you are transforming your thoughts into a final product. For example, a cook starts to prepare his mise en place (dicing carrots, chopping onions, etc.) before cooking them using the right technique.

If you think of it, you are using the creative process every time you decide on how to do something. This means that creativity is inherent in what we do…every day.

So, can you be creative? Yes, you can.


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