5 Ways to Clean the Edges of Artist Resin Piece
5 Ways to Clean the Edges of Artist Resin Piece
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5 Ways to Clean the Edges of Artist Resin Piece

One of the most overwhelming concerns we receive from our artist is how to clean the edges of an artwork. Over the years, we at Counter Culture DIY have developed five effective ways to smoothen the edges of a craft. Let’s check out these techniques and see what’s applicable to your situation:

  1.   Let the Resin Flow Down the Sides and Rub It In

This is the most common technique and the easiest, too. Simply let the Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin run over the edges and rub it in and smooth it out using a gloved hand. We suggest that before starting with your work, it is a good idea to tape off the underside so that it will collect the drips which can be pulled off later on.  Make sure that when using this technique, your piece is elevated off the table so that the resin will not glue itself on the surface.

  1.   Create a Dam Using Tape

In this method, you need a strong wide tape that can work like a “fence” to prevent the resin from dripping through the edges. A metal venting tape or a duct tape is what you need. Adhere ¼ of the tape at the edge of the panel, while allowing the other ¾ to stick right up. Then take the tip of the protruding tape and tape it back unto itself, creating a strong “wall”. In 4-6 hours after you’ve poured the resin, pull off the tape. Timing is important because after this time frame, the resin becomes harder which makes it difficult for you to pull off the tape and clean the edges.

  1.   Trim the Edges Using a Table Saw

This technique creates a more professional looking finishing but it needs a lot of practice to master. However, this method only applies to wood panels and not on canvas. If you want this method, you first have to tape the edges as outlined above in #2. Once the resin is cured, you can run its edges along the blade of the table saw. The blade will cleanly cut through the hard resin smoothly- leaving a more polished look!

  1.     Sand-Off the Edges and then Paint

This technique is self-explanatory. Once the resin is cured, use a power hand sander to smoothen out the edges, and then paint the edges with whatever color you like!

  1.   Dome the Artist Resin, Avoiding the Sides

One good thing about Artist Resin is that it domes beautifully at the edge of any surface- meaning; it creates a soft curve in the surface and stays there until it cures. Doming takes patience before you perfect it, but it’s all worth your patience. Pour Artist Resin in the center of the piece, and work slowly outward. The resin will only go to the place where you guide it so make sure you don’t direct it over the edges!


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