FIFO Bottles by Counter Culture DIY
FIFO Bottles by Counter Culture DIY

FIFO Bottles by Counter Culture DIY

If you are not using our FIFO bottles yet, you are missing out.

Counter Culture DIY FIFO bottles are 2 pieces of 16 oz, easy to squeeze plastic bottles. It is NSF certified, meaning it’s safe to use even for food items.

How Does it Help?

Well, Counter Culture DIY FIFO bottles are products of revolutionary technology that uses the force of gravity to keep the resin near the nozzle. There is no need for you to bang the bottle on the table to get the resin out. No banging means your bottle will last longer.

Using these bottles will help decrease waste up to 10%. The tip is made from a non-drip silicone valve, which will helps contain the resin without leaks.

It’s so easy to use. If you’re going to fill it in with resin, take out the cap on top, while keeping the nozzle locked.

Artists’ Testimonials

Many of our customers are raving about it. Here’s what they say:

“I love my fifo bottles. Much easier than pouring, and I do not like pumps.”- Alicia JP

“Love my FIFO bottles! I feel like I have more control than just using the pumps”- Kyla Skinner

“Oh I’m sorry, why we like them…because they don’t drip…easy to fill! (SOOO EASY!) and I now have such a good squeeze that I can get almost EXACTLY 15 mL of A in the first squeeze without bending over to look”- Leah Marie Young

“I love them!!!! I’m mad I waited so long. Less mess. Easy to use.”- Linnea McNicholas

Want to know more what they say? Check out more testimonials here.

Grab your FIFO bottles here!

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