Glitter a Tumbler: Step-by-Step Procedure
Glitter a Tumbler: Step-by-Step Procedure
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Glitter a Tumbler: Step-by-Step Procedure

It’s mesmerizing to look at a tumbler covered with sparkling glitters. If you think that only pro artists could do it, let me show you how easy it is to glitter a tumbler using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin. Here is the step-by-step process:

  1.    Using a one-inch silicon brush, apply a first coat of Mod Podge on the tumbler heavily. Then go back over it and take the excess off to have a thin, even layer.
  2.    Now, it’s time to apply the glitter. Start at the top and bottom edges since they are the parts where the Mod Podge dries quickly, then work your way to the middle. Tap off the excess glitters before allowing it to dry.
  3.    Before doing the second coat, brush off the glitter that did not stick to the cup. This is important because if you don’t do this, the Mod Podge will stick into the excess glitter and will result in an uneven and rough surface on your second coat of glitter.
  4.    Brush the entire surface again with Mod Podge. Make sure all surface is covered. Scatter the glitter the same procedure as step 2.
  5.    At this point, start mixing the same amount of epoxy. Make sure the measurements are accurate. Slowly stir the mixture to prevent bubbles. When you stir, make sure you scrape the bottom and the sides of the cup. Do this for at least 3 minutes. (Tip: to make sure everything is mixed properly, transfer the solution to a second cup then mix lightly again).
  6.    Pour the resin to the cup starting from the bigger part to the smaller cup. Using a gloved finger, spread it along lengthwise of the cup. This way, you can feel the glitter underneath your finger and you can also feel the epoxy so you will know which parts are not covered yet.
  7.    Once you’re done with the main surface of the tumbler, do step #6 on the bottom of the tumbler.
  8.    Run your finger on the top lip, making sure that the epoxy is just over the glitter at the top and that it will go around the cup on the lips. Make sure that the resin there is thin or your lid will not fit appropriately.
  9.    After applying the epoxy, heat it with embossing gun to pop any bubbles that remain in your cup. Go around it in a sweeping motion so that you don’t focus on one area for too long. Doing so may cause one area to harden faster, develop fish eye or uneven surface.
  10.     Let your item rest until the epoxy hardens. Then apply decals if you want to. Lastly, apply another thin layer of epoxy on the entire surface (including lip and bottom). Wait until the epoxy is completely cured (approx. ~ 24 hours). Wash the tumbler with soap and water and it’s ready to use!


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